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Reference map of Teras Isle, surrounding waters, and Kharam Dzu. Prepared for the Borthuum Mining Company by Alosaka's player.

Teras Isle, home to the dwarven settlement of Kharam Dzu, is located to the west off the coast of the continent of Elanthia in the Great Western Sea.

The name of Teras' great volcanic peak was dwarven for "Stormbrow" as it was named in 4997 when the uninhabited island was discovered by Ghorsa Borthuum of the Gulroten Clan. Ghorsa had undertaken a journey in hope to find the lost Turamzzyrian province of Kezmon Isle, and to escape the threat of human expansion to the north. Instead, by travel of hot air balloon, they discovered what became known as Teras Isle.

Excited by the apparent large reservoirs of gems and metals on the volcanic island, they quickly established the town of Kharam Dzu. Soon after, a human merchant ship, driven off course by Krolvin attack discovered the dwarven settlement. The Borthuum Mining Company promptly went into business with the humans, specifically for the rare material of glaes. It was from the humans that the dwarves bought the ship which became known as the Glaesen Star.

On Jastatos the 15th, the underwater temple to the great water elemental Nelemar was discovered by a band of scholars searching for the Fier'Dracus gem.

Travel to Teras Isle

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The town of Kharam Dzu on Teras Isle is accessible by boarding the Glaesen Star ship in Wehnimer's Landing (Lich Room #8898). The Glaesen Star departs every hour from each port: at the top of the hour from the South Wharf of the Landing(room# 8898), and on the half hour from Teras(room# 1870). The trip takes approximately ten minutes. Loading begins fifteen minutes prior. Tickets cost 10,000 silver and must be purchased in the Wehnimer's Travel Office which is located right outside of the Glaesen Star's dock on the south wharf (Lich Room #8899, #1871 in Platinum). Once in the office, BUY TICKET.

Storyline Information

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Behind the Scenes

Teras Isle was released in early 1996. It was the first town expansion to the game since Kelfour's Landing was introduced in December 1989. Icemule Trace and River's Rest followed in the subsequent year, while Pinefar and Solhaven were opposite ends of 1998, and the Elven Nations was released throughout the second half of 2001. Cysaegir was the last town expansion in July 2004. Squire's Bluff was the original town of GemStone ][ in April 1988, but was removed in the transition to GemStone III. It is supposedly the abandoned village on the trail to Vornavis. There was a map in the Abandoned Inn.


The early work on what would eventually become Teras Isle was done by Kygar and Fawn. It was developed on the premise of being Uman Isle in the southern hemisphere of Shadow World, which has a dormant volcano and extensive deposits of the volcanic glass now called glaes. It was supposed to be very difficult to reach for flows of essence and other navigational reasons. The project was put aside in favor of other issues, but was revived when the game population rapidly expanded on AOL following the end of the I.C.E. Age, forming a lot of pressure for older high level characters to get away from the inexperienced new players. The Dwarves were added as flavor and the place was designed instead as Teras Isle, located off the same continent, making it much closer to the Landing than Uman Isle.

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