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Cobbling upper boxes were first released during Rumor Woods and were sold at Clodhoppers. Utilizing unscripted items made from cloth and leather weighing 3 lbs or less, uppers could be crafted for use in cobbled footwear.


************************* Cobbling Upper Maker Box ******************************
The walnut box will allow you to put an unscripted cloth or leather item up to 3 lbs inside and
potentially make an upper used for cobbling.  Once the material is inside, TURN the box to
cycle through the available material styles.  PUSH the box to create the upper.
WARNING:  The donated material will be destroyed.

The look of the walnut box can be altered by any merchant, but it should remain a box-like item.  A talented cobbling merchant can add up to 3 custom (no rare or limited release) material settings for cloth and leather.  The custom material is limited to one word only.

You can charge the box by LOADing it with diamonds (limit 50).  It currently has 10 charges.
The walnut box currently has 20 charges.

Custom Upper Material Descriptions
 Cloth Setting 1: Not Set
 Cloth Setting 2: Not Set
 Cloth Setting 3: Not Set

 Leather Setting 1: Not Set
 Leather Setting 2: Not Set
 Leather Setting 3: Not Set


Verb First Third
OPEN You open a pearl-inlaid red oak box. XXX just opened a pearl-inlaid red oak box.
CLOSE You close a pearl-inlaid red oak box. XXX just closed a pearl-inlaid red oak box.
PUT You place your twill pants inside your red oak box. XXX places her twill pants inside her red oak box.
GET You remove a roll of brocade from in your red oak box. XXX removes a roll of brocade from in her red oak box.
TURN You turn a dial on the side of your red oak box and set it for "brocade." N/A
PUSH Snipping sounds emanate from your red oak box and it vibrates lightly. After a few moments, the box feels lighter. Snipping sounds emanate from XXX's red oak box for a few moments.
LOAD You carefully insert your ice blue diamond into an opening on the side of your red oak box. Your red oak box glows brightly for an instant, and you feel confident that the diamond has charged your box with power. XXX carefully inserts an ice blue diamond into an opening on the side of her red oak box.


Default Settings


bourde brocade canvas chainsil
cotton damask faille flyrsilk
jacquard lace linen marbrinus
paeline sailcloth satin silk
tapestry tweed velvet wool


bazan buckskin calfskin chamois
cowhide cordovan deerskin doeskin
eelskin goatskin kidskin lambskin
leather nubuck oxhide pigskin
shagreen sheepskin snakeskin suede

Custom Settings

Custom upper settings must be one-word materials only (limited to 15 characters). Rare or limited release materials are not allowed.

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Cobbling Upper Maker Box Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification
Item(s) Applied to
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom Cloth or Leather setting
Original Release Merchant Airisu
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Original Release Year 2023
Item Verbs