Collip's Transcendental Gear

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Collip's Transcendental Gear is the cleric shop in River's Rest. His shop is located west of the statue of Ketain of the Scars. Immediately across from Lomara's Supernatural Supplies, Collip offers for sale a number of items, including holy weapons made of white ora. Collip, himself, is a former member of the Order of Voln.

[Collip's Transcendental Gear] RNUM: 11005
An aura of tranquility and somber introspection suffuses the bungalow. A wisp of smoke, coiling up from ceramic censer molded to resemble a large turtle, carries the sweet odor of cinnamon. An equipment rack and a tall cabinet stand against one of the pale stucco walls. A brass-bound chest is pushed into one corner. Beneath an intricate mosaic is a small wooden crate. You also see a silver-inlaid jade sign and the shopkeeper Collip.


Welcome to Collip's Transcendental Gear!
Collip offers his catalog to browse.
Collip exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."

  1. a saw-toothed white ora flamberge         15. a burnished pure imflass quoit
  2. a consecrated imflass espadon             16. a pure modwir arrow
  3. a four-tined white ora trident            17. a pure oak light bolt
  4. an oak shafted sacred steel voulge        18. a pure fel heavy bolt
  5. a consecrated mithril-edged greataxe      19. an iridescent white pillar candle
  6. a hide-wrapped pure linden quarterstaff   20. a dark green Aeia sash
  7. a fel-hafted white ora longsword          21. a swirled green and white candle
  8. a pure white crescent dagger              22. an oily black pillar candle
  9. a particolored pure steel discus          23. a candle votive
  10. a red and white pierced heart paingrip   24. a white flask
  11. a jagged white ora troll-claw            25. a silvery crescent moon medallion
  12. an imflass holy water sprinkler          26. a white lily medallion
  13. a thrice-tied white ora bola             27. a piece of golden honeycomb
  14. a white ora horseman's hammer

  Backroom Catalog
  28. a vial of pure potion