Lomara's Supernatural Supplies

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Lomara's Supernatural Supplies is the alchemist shop in River's Rest. The shop is located to the west of the statue of Ketain of the Scars. Lomara also doles out the herb tasks for the local Adventurer's Guild.

[Lomara's Supernatural Supplies]
The interior of the small bungalow is awash in peculiar smells...sour stinks, sweet aromas, sharp odors, oily scents, metallic effluvia, fetid reeks. Shelves of potions in odd-shaped jars and phials line one wall. The doors of a large cabinet are ajar, providing a tantalizing glimpse of elixirs, nostrums, amulets and periapts. You also see old Mistress Lomara and a charred wooden sign.


Welcome to Lomara's Supernatural Supplies!
Old Mistress Lomara offers her catalog to browse.
Lomara exclaims, "{You}!  Welcome back!  I have some top quality merchandise today in the backroom."
  1. a twisting red glaes wand           18. a thick gold coin amulet
  2. a fire-hardened brown clay wand     19. a glaes flecked gold amulet
  3. an eagle feather quill wand         20. a short thanot-handled brush
  4. a pale driftwood wand               21. a ceramic bottle of rune ink
  5. an ochre rubbed gold wand           22. a coarse ceramic flask 
  6. a rigid crab leg wand               23. a russet glazed ceramic runestone
  7. a minium tinted glass wand          24. an aish'vrak potion
  8. a rune-carved silver wand           25. a tapered glass vial
  9. a gnarled bloodwood wand            26. a polished agate mortar
  10. a tiny aged ironwood rod           27. a slender agate pestle
  11. a thin linden rod                  28. a small crystal flask
  12. a sugar crystal covered stick      29. some waxy translucent chalk
  13. a grot t'kel potion                30. some fine crystalline chalk    
  14. a woven ironwood bark necklace     31. a leather book
  15. a crystal amulet                   32. a long-necked glass jar    
  16. an expertly knapped flint amulet   33. a copper tattooist's needle
  17. a twilight grey granite amulet     34. a bottle of tattoo ink

  Backroom Catalog

Additional Information


Mistress Lomara is the embodiment of nervous energy. Her thin body appears to be made entirely out of tendons. Even when standing still she seems to almost quiver with suppressed energy. But she is rarely truly still...her eyes scan the room constantly, her hands are always in motion, she moves about the shop as if on a mission. And yet as she moves she periodically jerks to a violent stop, as if physically seized by a thought or an idea.


>ask Lomara about bees
Lomara shakes her head and says, "They're badly designed and terribly inefficient creatures. If I were in charge of creating bees, they would be significantly more productive and wouldn't waste their time flying around in other people's shops!"

>ask Lomara about captain
Lomara snorts and says, "Such a rude man! And terribly, terribly inefficient. He came calling here once, looking for what he called a 'contribution.' I turned him away, of course, and he's not set a foot in my shop since."

>ask Lomara about Collip
Lomara looks away. "The less said about that man, the better. He has no sense of decorum, no notion of diligence, no concept of firmness of purpose. He is a lollygagger, a fruitfly, a wastrel of the first order, a nincompoop. He doesn't bear a moment of consideration."

>ask Lomara about experiment
Lomara give you an irritated stare. "Yes, yes, I've conducted certain experiments in speculative magics. And no, they haven't always yielded the results I'd expected. But some of the rumors you might have heard are absolute and utter nonsense. Why, that man was hardly harmed at all. In fact, there are some who would consider the additional two fingers to be beneficial!"

>ask Lomara about smuggling
Lomara says, "Yes, yes, of course there are smugglers here. Let's not be silly. If you want to know more, go ask that buffoon across the lane."

Room Messaging

Lomara's right eyebrow begins to twitch uncontrollably. She rubs it violently. "I do wish that would stop," she says. "I suppose that's the price you pay when you try something new, but it's ever so irritating."

Lomara's right hand begins to twitch uncontrollably. She stares at it with fascination. "It does that, now and then. I've no idea why. I suppose it *could* have to do with that experiment."

Lomara's right leg begins to twitch uncontrollably. She slaps at it. "It doesn't hurt," she says. "It's just so very annoying! Sometimes speculative magics have unexpected results."

Lomara tenses as a bumblebee flies through a window. She focuses for a moment, then mutters an incantation. The bee explodes with a soft 'FTTT!' "Pests," Lomara mutters. "I don't know why people think they're industrious. They're *very* inefficient insects."

With a burst of nervous energy, Lomara bustles about the small shop. She cleans furiously for a moment, then gets distracted by something outside the window.