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Race Dwarf
Hometown Icemule Trace
Class Cleric
Profession Member of the Icemule Town Guard
Religion Follower of Oleani, Goddess of Love
Affiliation(s) Master in the Order of Voln
Likes Favorite colors are red, pink, white

Conrash is a Cleric from Icemule Trace. He spent his younger years there hunting snow spectres in the Snow Fort and nedum vereri in the Abbey. He also enjoyed hunting snowy cockatrices in Snowflake Vale. He would often rest in Town Center, where he forged many friendships that have lasted over the years.

Once he was properly trained to rescue people, his travels reached a wider expanse of territory. Today, Conrash often returns home to Icemule, but may also be found in Wehnimer's Landing as well.


You see Lord Conrash Noul the Brother.

He appears to be a Dwarf.

He appears to be very young. He has brown eyes and brown skin. He has shoulder length, thick black hair tucked under a tightly knotted cotton headwrap worn as a skullcap. He has a long beard. He has a heavy invar monocle fitted over his right eye.

He is wearing a gold-edged dark azure hat, an iceblossom Oleani charm necklace, a crystal amulet, a carved white iceblossom pendant, a fur-mantled snow white leather greatcloak, a two-armed zoetic quill with an ebon rachis and golden vane, a mithril juggernaut pin, a heart-shaped bronze insignia inlaid with a pink morganite stone, a White Haven bear head pin, a quintuple orb brooch, a buckskin satchel slung over his shoulder, a silver trimmed leaper hide shoulder scabbard fringed with cockatrice tailfeathers slung over his other shoulder, some glacial blue and white scalemail, an arctic blue armband with crossed ivory tusks, a heavy iron wristlet set with a blue crystal, a gold-framed band centered with a blue-white frost opal shield, a thick gold ring, a silver-tooled white leather dagger belt, a bloodstained leather survival kit, a deep blue satin pouch overlaid in white ridgeweaver silk, some wool trousers, and some rugged black socks under a pair of pale fur-cuffed black suede boots.