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Mnemonic [cripple]
Activating Verb WEAPON
Category Edged Weapons
Type Setup
Roundtime 2s
Stamina Cost 7
Offensive Gear Right hand
Flares/Spikes Enabled
Initiator Stance Penalty
Shield Defensive Bonus
Target Stance Bonus
Available To Warriors, Rogues, Rangers, Bards, Monks, Paladins
Rank Cost/acquired at
1 10 Edged Weapons ranks  
2 35 ranks 
3 60 ranks 
4 85 ranks 
5 110 ranks


Slash a target's limb to cripple their combat effectiveness.


Maneuver a target dealing minor slashing damage. Applies Crippled for (15 + (Rank * 5)) seconds. You may specify a limb to target provided the limb exists. Targeting a leg will apply Rooted for (10 + (Rank * 2)) seconds.

Additional Information

This weapon technique is available upon training 10 ranks of Edged Weapons, and ranks in the technique will go up with further training.