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Type Mental and Physical
Prime Requisite None
Modifiers by Race
Aelotoi +5
Dwarf +10
Elf -15
Elf, Dark -10
Elf, Half -5
Elf, Sylvan -5
Erithian +5
Gnome, Burghal -5
Gnome, Forest +5
Giantman -
Halfling -5
Human -
Krolvin, Half -

Discipline is the measure of a character's self control, determination, and sheer strength of will. It is both a physical and mental statistic, and along with being used to calculate both types of training points, it contributes directly to the amount of experience a character can store before being required to rest. Many systems within GemStone bring Discipline into consideration, more so than any other statistic. Specifically, it is known to affect the success of guild skills such as Stun Maneuvers, Berserk, and Illusions.

Systems and Skills Affected By Discipline

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