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Type Mental
Prime Requisite Cleric, Empath,
Paladin, Sorcerer
Modifiers by Race
Aelotoi -
Dwarf -
Elf -
Elf, Dark +5
Elf, Half -
Elf, Sylvan -
Erithian -
Gnome, Burghal -
Gnome, Forest +5
Giantman -
Halfling -
Human -
Krolvin, Half -5

Wisdom is one of ten character stats, classified as a mental statistic, and tied to the Spiritual sphere of magic. A character's Wisdom stat bonus is added to their Spiritual casting strength and target defense, in addition to factoring into starting mana for Spiritual spellcasters.

Wisdom is a prime requisite for the cleric, empath, paladin, and sorcerer professions.

When casting Fervent Reproach (312), there is a small chance of receiving a temporary bonus of +5 to Wisdom when casting this spell successfully. Wisdom can also be increased by a base of 20 when rangers assume the aspect of an owl.

Systems and Skills Affected By Wisdom

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