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Dagothra (Iruaric: Dagoth the Powerful) was a high priest of the Unlife cult that destroyed the city of Quellburn. Corrupting the sorcerer Zenon, their civilization was destroyed by his hordes, ultimately leading to anarchy until the founding of Kelfour's Landing two centuries later. While the cult was still exerting its influence, Zenon was robbed of his memory by an amnesia spell.

Dagoth was said to have been slain by Lord Tannith Ravenhearth, famous ancestor of Lord Kerrington Ravenhearth, founder of Hearthstone Manor.

Behind the Scenes

"Dagoth" was the name attributed to the high priest of that specific order on a now defunct website, supposedly cited from some edition of "The Iron Wind" source book for Shadow World. It supposedly meant "Snow Lion" in their language, but that might not be canonical. This would be a fairly large coincidence in any case, because there is no other historical backdrop for Tannith in the region in a reasonable time interval. However, there was another high priest named "Darath" on Mur Fostisyr, who served an Ordainer associated with their master. Some ICE Age terms were converted without being added to any known glossary. They are usually very similar to the originals. (e.g. Koar => Kuor; Eorgina => Orgiana)