Daisy's Dinners

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Daisy's Dinners is a food shop in Mist Harbor. A quaint little cafe-style eating facility that provides lunch and dinner meals, Daisy's Dinners is located at the corner of Gardenia and Daisy Avenue, in a short blue stucco building.

[Daisy's Dinners]
Daisy-patterned curtains decorate the oak-framed windows that are positioned to either side of the shop's entry, the gossamer fabric loose and unfettered. Bright white daisies are painted upon the cobalt blue stucco walls, the center of each housing glass globes filled with candles. A long whitewashed counter encircles three of the shop's four walls and has comfortable stools set in front of it at even intervals.


Item Description Price
some thick vegetable soup
   Bits of basil met with chunks of tomato, zucchini, and carrot make the soup a hot and hearty meal.
   The creamy soup is lightly speckled with fresh marjoram, adding to its rich flavor as little rings of chive dot the texture.

a bowl of creamy mushroom soup
   Tender chunks of mushrooms have absorbed the rich flavor of the creamy soup.
   A hearty blend of mushroom essence and herbs has infused the almost sauce-like soup.

a bowl of creamy clam chowder
   Large chunks of hearty potato cubes burst with the flavor of garlic and pepper.
   Watery milk blends with sage and garlic to give the thick chunks of clam a pleasant taste.

a ginger-spiced grilled bass filet
   The intense, tangy flavor of ginger infuses the filet.
   The perfectly grilled filet is remarkably flaky and tender.

an herb-infused baked filet of bass
   Rosemary needles, mixed with thin sheaves of stringy sage, lend the flaky bass a strong herbal flavoring.
   The thin leaves of sage hold the flaky bass in place long enough for the tender white meat to fall apart upon your palate.

a pineapple swordfish kabob
   Pepper and pineapple mix in the swordfish kabob's sauce for a sweet, sassy combination.
   Despite the strong flavors of the sauce adorning it, the tender swordfish kabob's own savor is augmented rather than diluted.

a sugar-dusted flaky apple turnover
   A rich, sweet, sticky flavor accented with just a hint of apple fills your mouth.
   Tiny pieces of apple scattered through the dough provide a nice complement to the heavy caramel flavor.

a mince meat-filled pastry
   Flakes of delicate, buttery pastry melt in your mouth to reveal a profusion of warm fruit filling laden with sugar and spice.
   Ripe apples baked in a confection of honey and spices melt on the tongue, and the jam-like texture of sun-warmed figs adds depth to the sweet, sticky filling.

a cocoa-dusted bittersweet truffle
   Sinfully rich, the powdered cocoa adds depth to the bittersweet truffle.
   The dark chocolate melts in your mouth but leaves you with a faintly bitter aftertaste, almost coffee-like in flavor.

a glass of iced lemonade
   It is very sweet, with an intense, concentrated flavor.
   A slight tartness makes the sweetness even more enjoyable.