Daukhera Darkflorr

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Daukhera Darkflorr
Gender female
Race halfling
Hometown Icemule Trace
Alias/Title Queen


You see Queen Daukhera Darkflorr the Ruiner.
She appears to be a Mhoragian Halfling.
She is of a stately height and has an elegant countenance.  She appears to be immature.  She has beautifully indigo-outlined ink black eyes, glossy burgundy full lips, and flawlessly smooth, dusky skin.  She has lengthy, purposefully tangled vividly purple hair interwoven with pieces of desiccated bone.  She has ecru-striped pale lavender lacquer brushed onto her delicately rounded fingernails.
She has a diamond-inset black stone stud in her lip.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a broken bone-inlaid crown set with ice blue gems, a dark crystal talisman, a pale lavender orchid pendant, a black rapture cloak, a deep black rose, a blood red pendant encased by clenched finger bones, a pulsating tome-shaped doomstone pin, a gold bangle with a frosty pale violet pearl, a violet velvet arcane pouch, some sleek ebony leggings, and some matte black reinforced boots with spiked toes.

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