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Immediately following the events of Whiteout, The Dawn of Daukhera was a storyline that ran in Icemule Trace in 2018. It focused on the arrival and actions of self-proclaimed Queen Daukhera Darkflorr, a powerful sorcerer who had been released from an electrum portal from another plane, as well as her attempts to unlock her arcane tome that had been sealed by the late Mayor Nihala Winterberry. Daukhera increasingly turned her attention toward unlocking her tome from its magical bindings so that she could use it again, as well as to discovering the ruins of her ancestral home hidden somewhere in the snow beyond Icemule.

After her release and arrival in Icemule, Daukhera became enmeshed in the local daily life and politics in spite of insisting that she was neutral by right of her lineage and claim to her title of Queen. Displaying extreme vanity, a violent temper and childish glee in the plight of others, she demanded friendship and obedience from those of Icemule Trace, threatening them with death or worse if they refused to comply. Some local townsfolk showed their support for Daukhera, though some, such as Deputy Mayor Hibbits Hoft, appeared to have been magically coerced into providing their support. Daukhera claimed that Paradis halflings had imprisoned her so that they could lay claim to what she described as her rightful territory, now known as Icemule Trace. Invasions of creatures from Pinefar and further north increased all the while as Daukhera's minions searched for the ruins of her ancestral home.

Daukhera became enraged when asked if she was somehow connected to the Far Market, the same organization that had sought her tome when she had been imprisoned months earlier. The Far Market re-emerged, offering a trade to the Icemule townsfolk still resisting Daukhera so that they could foil her plans. In exchange for the key to unlocking Daukhera's tome, they asked for something of greater mystical value.

The Mayoral Election of 5118 occurred alongside this storyline. During one of the Mayoral campaign events, Daukhera and Goblyn both were in attendance and spoke for a time, with Goblyn apparently intrigued by mentions of the Far Market and the missing key to Daukhera's tome. Some time later, Hibbits was reported to have traveled to River's Rest by way of Solhaven, in search of Goblyn, the Far Market, and the key to Daukhera's tome. Attempting to defy Duakhera's control over him, Hibbits worked alongside adventurers to try to acquire the key - to keep it away from the mad Queen. With Goblyn's aid, they traded a magical artifact, Katet's Saddle, to the Far Market for the key, which was a delicate flower. Goblyn, however, had made a second deal, and that was to help Daukhera in exchange for access to the tome's contents for a period of time. After the flower had been transported to Icemule and used to open the lock securing the tome, Daukhera arrived, striking down Hibbits and taking the tome for herself. While Daukhera was glad that the tome was finally within her grasp, allowing her to find her ancestral home much faster, she became enraged when she discovered what type of artefact had been given to the Far Market.

A month later, an invasion of wild beasts and undead swept through Icemule Trace, during which voices could be heard. They affirmed that Daukhera had been biding her time, studying her tome and becoming lost within its necrotic magic. She had found her home, and she intended to return.

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The Dawn of Daukhera was followed by the Dusk of Daukhera, which saw the conclusion of events surrounding Daukhera and her tome.

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