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Gender female
Race Human
Culture Trauntor
Profession Bloodletter
Title Nurse
Service(s) Tattoos, Features, Wares
Specialty Bloodletting Leech Jar
Venue Caligos Isle
Evermore Hollow
Status active

Nurse Deloras is the merchant associated with the Evermore Hollow shop, The Four Humours as well as the Caligos Isle shop, Bloodlet It Go.


You see Nurse Deloras the Bloodletter.
She appears to be a Human from Trauntor.
She is average height and has a stout, thickset frame.  She appears to be middle-aged.  She has narrow steel grey eyes and pallid skin.  She has shoulder length, frizzy salt and pepper hair pulled back tightly into a severe bun.  She has a round, slightly plump face and dimpled cheeks.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a crystal amulet, a long bloodstained white linen coat with wide rolled-up sleeves, a bone-braced pale leather bodice over a tailored pearl-buttoned blouse, a knee-length pristine white skirt cut in a simple style, and some tall sheer silk stockings under some square-toed white leather shoes with shiny silver buckles.