Demon archetype

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A demon archetype is a designation assigned to a particular family of demons, encompassing all variations of that particular demon within the category. For example, the abyran is a demon archetype, while the abyran'a, abyran'sa, and abyran'ra are each sub-types of the abyran archetype. Not all of the demons within each archetype will fall under the same level of power, as abyran'ra are lesser demons while the other two are minor demons.

Minor Summoning (725) considers archetype-specific runes to be 'Tier 2' in terms of difficulty. Thus, 100 ranks of Sorcerous Lore, Demonology are required to summon a specific demon archetype without chance of failure. Furthermore, archetypes which have no sub-types (aishan, grantris, imp) are considered specific demons and their runes are gauged at 'Tier 3' in terms of difficulty.