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The grantris is a demon archetype which originates from the Lorae'tyr valence. There are no known sub-types. It is classified as a minor demon and can be summoned through the use of Minor Summoning (725).

Physical Description

The grantris is a centipede-like creature, slightly smaller than a small dog. They do not have a carapace, instead having a soft skinned body covered by coarse hairs that twitch in response to sound, movement, or touch. The grantris bears hundreds of thousands of legs, which are used not only for movement, but to balance things upon their backs. As with many other insects, the grantris can rub its legs together to create sounds. It possesses an exceptional ability to mimic noises, as well as create its own in complex variations. They are most often found in dull colors, such as brown or grey. Their eyes are often more vibrant, ranging from fiery reds to silvers.

Society and Behavior

The grantris does not seem capable of sentient thought, therefore any complex society seems unlikely. However, given its ability to produce audio with its legs, it likely communicates with others of its own kind, perhaps for courtship or to warn others of threats. The grantris is an extremely nervous being, constantly circling and searching for a place of safety, commonly under objects. When forced out, a grantris will simply circle incessantly until allowed a new hiding spot. When particularly frightened, the hairs on its body will twitch more than usual, and the grantris will circle even faster. It has been recorded that in extreme circumstances, a grantris can become so frightened that a backlash which severs the bond between demon and summoner is caused.

Mechanical Benefits and Flaws

The grantris is capable of holding a total of four items, more than any other demon. It is also a fast finder and scout. Their base mana is poor, and their skill with tranferring borders on horrendous. Only a fraction of the mana the grantris is holding will return to you. The grantris is only capable of delivering messages in Elven based languages, such as elven, sylvan, and dark elven.

Roleplaying Verbs

RUB - You pet the grey-eyed grantris on the back, causing its hairs to bristle softly.

DISMISS - You wave a dismissive gesture at your grey-eyed grantris which leaves your sight somewhere behind you.

SWEAR - Completely dissatisfied with your grey-eyed grantris, you begin to curse its being before abruptly stopping in fear it may break its bond.

GLARE - Giving a purposeful glare at the grantris, you summon it to your side.

NUDGE - In an attempt to coax the grantris out of hiding, you give it a firm but gentle nudge.

CHANT - Chanting archaicly to your grantris, it responds in harmony to the cadence in your voice.

All of the verbs work on an illusioned grantris save CHANT.

Possible Adjectives

Grantris summoned by Minor Summoning may have the following appearances. The description of each will follow this format: "a/an {color} {eye color} grantris," with the options possible displayed in the following table.

Color Eye Color
ashen grey aquamarine-eyed
black black-eyed
dark black copper-eyed
dark grey crimson-eyed
grey flame-eyed
light grey gold-eyed
midnight blue grey-eyed
pale black orange-eyed
pale grey pink-eyed
sooty grey purple-eyed
twilight grey red-eyed

Illusion Possibilities

a slender chestnut brown stoat
a sleek beady-eyed mink
a long light brown weasel
a medium-sized lithe ferret
a small bushy-tailed ermine

Sorcerers With This Uncommon Rune

  • Desorceri
  • Venrath
  • Rozy
  • Kaldonis