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The aishan is a demon archetype which originates from the Shien'tyr valence. It is not known to have any subtypes. It is classified as a minor demon, and as such, can be summoned through the use of Minor Summoning (725).

Physical Description

The aishan is a creature similar to a common Elanthian wolf. It is bulkier and coated in coarse fur, which is especially heavy around the neck. Common fur colors consist of red or black. Grey, silver, and white have also been observed, the brighter the color the more rare. The fur is known to be particularly insubstantial to the touch, and some theories conclude that it is the physical manifestation of Shien'tyr's shadowy haze. Many aishan summoned are without tails, though whether this is a natural mutation or caused by something else is unknown. Aishan have sheen, pupilless eyes, which resemble flickering flames and range in color from dark red to yellow to light blue. The eyes are so sheen, in fact, a clear reflection can be seen if gazed into. Their most distinguishing feature, however, are their massive powerful jaws, filled with oversized teeth. Teeth so large, the beasts can barely close their mouths. These teeth are also capable of transferring virulent diseases to victims when bitten. Aishan also possessed a great capacity to hear and smell, giving them a natural benefit to finding things that most would miss.

Society and Behavior

Aishan seem to lack any sort of sentience, therefore do not have any society amongst themselves. Furthermore, they seem to be rather preoccupied, and do not pay much attention to their surroundings unless bid to do so by their summoner. Oddly enough, they are incredibly loyal, even if the summoner is abusive towards them.

Mechanical Benefits and Flaws

The aishan are unmatched by any other demons in their ability to find hidden and invisible characters. They are also exceptional at guarding their summoner from pickpockets. They will even guard without being instructed. If a pickpocket is caught by your aishan, a painful wound and potent disease will be inflicted from the bite. Unfortunately, aishan have no hands or arms, and therefore can only hold a maximum of two items, only one of which they will pick up on their own (eyes do not apply). They are also unable to transfer mana, carry coins, and cannot deliver messages.

Roleplaying Verbs

STARE - Narrowing your eyes dangerously, you cast an irritated look at the aishan. It whimpers timidly, and its entire body trembles in response.

GAZE (1) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see yourself reflected in its eyes. The face before you is your own, but for some reason your eyes are tightly shut, and a small trail of tears is streaming down your face. Without warning, the eyelids fly open, and you gasp when you discern not eyes, but two masses of maggots writhing in an opaque liquid slowly leaking from your sockets. Immediately, the image expands, and you find yourself looking into a rotting coffin inhabited by your decaying body. As quickly as the image came, however, it fades away leaving your horrified reflection behind.

GAZE (2) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see your face reflected in the aishan's large pupiless eyes, but something about what you see strikes you as odd. A heart-stopping chill creeps up your spine as you realize that your head has no body attached and instead ends in a bloody stump. Palms sweating, you involuntarily clasp your neck to ensure that it is still there.

GAZE (3) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see what appears at first to be a perfect reflection of yourself in the aishan's large eyes. As you inspect the reflection more closely however, a dark figure appears behind you, swiftly lowering a jagged knife towards your back! Spinning around with a scream caught in your throat, you prepare to evade the knife only to realize that there is nothing there.

GAZE (4) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see a reflection of yourself just as you are in the aishan's large eyes. Taking a moment to consider the image contained in its irises, you realize that the face before you is rapidly aging. You GAZE in disbelief as your skin quickly decays off of the bone, and within moments there is nothing left but a cracked skull that soon turns to dust and blows away. Shuddering involuntarily, you break away from the gaze, haunted by what you have just seen.

GAZE (5) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see yourself reflected in its eyes. The image is a perfect replica of your face, but your expression appears fixed in a garish smile. Slowly your face drops out of view, revealing a disfigured humanoid smiling cruelly beneath it. Bile works its way up your throat as you realize the creature has attached your skin to a stick as a crude mask. Swallowing the bile back down, you turn away quickly. The nausea eventually fades, but the image in your mind lingers a while longer.

GAZE (6) - You look over at the aishan, and it turns its gaze upon you. You see a perfect reflection of yourself in its pupiless eyes. The irises shift and swirl constantly, however, entrancing you for a moment, and a wave of dizziness begins to overtake you as you wrench your gaze away.

SNAP - You snap your fingers, and the aishan moves to your side obediently, its bulky musculature shifting oddly beneath its rippling coat.

RUB - You run your hand over the aishan's coarse fur, but your fingertips pass through it as though there were nothing there at all. The aishan looks over devotedly for a moment before resuming a blank stare ahead.

CLENCH - Anger seizes your expression as you reach down and grab the aishan by the ruff of its fur, grasping it forcibly. The aishan looks up at you fearfully, and a sharp yelp escapes from its oversized maw.

GLANCE - You glance at the aishan and incline your head slightly. The aishan licks its lips, causing a small bit of drool pooling in its mouth to spill onto the ground. An acrid odor wafts up from where it landed, and the aishan begins panting heavily.

GAZE and RUB do not with with Illusioned Aishan, but the others do.

Possible Adjectives

Aishan summoned by Minor Summoning may have the following appearances. The description of each will follow this format: "a/an {descriptor} {color} aishan," with the options possible displayed in the following table.

Descriptor Color
aggressive ash grey
muscular blood red
fanged brick red
husky dark crimson
muscular dark grey
scarred deep black
sinewy deep crimson
slobbering deep red
sure-footed fiery
tailless fiery red
thick-coated greyish-black
thick-furred midnight black
thick-muscled pure white
thick-ruffed reddish-black
shadow black
smoky grey

Illusion Possibilities

a lazy wild <color> dog
a listless <color> jackal
a docile <color> coyote
a languid <color> wolf
a mangy <color> fox

Sorcerers With This Uncommon Rune

  • Querthose
  • Desorceri
  • Jameszz
  • Stralan
  • Venrath
  • Delarock
  • Suntzhu
  • Maetriks
  • Ravinder
  • Mianne