Disarming Presence

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Disarming Presence
Mnemonic [dpresence]
Type Martial Stance
Stamina Cost 20
Requirements Training in Disarm Weapon will increase the success chances of your reactive disarm attempt.
Available To Warriors, Rogues
Available In Shield Specializations
Prerequisites Disarm Weapon (at CML rank 2 or guild rank 20)
Rank Square
1 3  
5 -


You have trained in techniques for disarming your foes, and have learned how to position yourself to apply these principles while blocking your foe's attacks.


This is a Martial Stance. When you successfully block a melee weapon attack while in a forward or greater stance, you have a chance to attempt to knock the weapon from the attacker's grasp. The chance to react is 30%/ 50%/ 70% at Ranks 1/ 2/ 3. The disarm attempt takes 2 seconds of RT and are limited to one every (6 - Rank) seconds.

Rank 1: 30% chance to attempt disarm, one attempt per 5 seconds
Rank 2: 50% chance to attempt disarm, one attempt per 4 seconds
Rank 3: 70% chance to attempt disarm, one attempt per 3 seconds

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