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Dodging is the primary skill of the Evade portion of the Evade-Block-Parry system which helps determine a character's ability to avoid attacks and the overall Defensive Strength (DS) against melee, ranged and bolt attack rolls. Although the terms dodge and evade are often used interchangeably they are not the same. Dodging is a trainable skill that is one of the factors used to determine a character's evade defensive bonus.

Because of the training point costs and skill ranks available per level, dodging is often a staple of the more physical professions while magic users will often forego it entirely. The decision for how much dodge training a character will have is usually a function of a character's particular training path.

Dodging has no effect on standard maneuver roll (SMR) version 1 checks, whether creature maneuvers or various spells like Major Elemental Wave (435). Some specific spells like Grasp of the Grave (709) may take the skill into account, and Dodging is a primary skill in SMRv2.

For DS calculations relating to Evade/Dodge, see the Evade article.

Ranks and Training Costs

Type Square Semi Pure
Profession Rogue Warrior Monk Bard Paladin Ranger Cleric Empath Savant Sorcerer Wizard
Max Ranks Per Level 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1 - 1 1
Training Point Cost 2/1 4/2 1/1 6/6 5/3 7/5 20/20 20/20 - 20/20 20/20