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Dragonfly Inks is a specialty shop in Mist Harbor. It is located in a cluster of shops on Seathrak Way in Western Harbor in a slant-roofed bright blue store with wide windows and sells tattoos for 30,000 silvers each.

[Dragonfly Inks]
Meandering through wide, open windows, golden sunshine lights up a long teak counter standing before a montage of chairs and sofas. Salty ocean breezes mingle with the overwhelming scents of ink and exotic incense. Accenting the menagerie of tile spreading out underfoot, deep red tones and climbing ivy border the white-washed walls. You also see the gypsy artist Caeya.


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            Dragonfly Inks
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1. a molting black toucan tattoo
2. a capsized paddleboat tattoo
3. a large bowl of peanuts tattoo
4. a weathered lighthouse tattoo
5. a tiny indigo hummingbird tattoo
6. a storm-wracked ship tattoo
7. a vibrant hibiscus tattoo
8. a caricatured multi-hued crab tattoo
9. a brilliantly colored parrot tattoo
10. a foggy island tattoo
11. a folded map tattoo
12. a blue stylized wave tattoo
13. a vibrant tropical sunset tattoo
14. a knotted dark mesh gillnet tattoo
15. a quartet of bronzed women tattoo
16. a tiny scarlet tanager tattoo
17. a silvery school of fish tattoo
18. a jagged Charl's Teeth tattoo
19. a chain of cheeky monkeys tattoo
20. a towering pale lighthouse tattoo
21. a gold-toothed drunken pirate tattoo
22. a saucy pirate wench tattoo
23. a cascading waterfall tattoo
24. a knotwork of liana vines tattoo
25. a stylized storm cloud tattoo
26. a creamy white arum lily tattoo
27. a triangular barbed thorn tattoo
28. a sharp-edged guillotine tattoo
29. a rickety reed hut tattoo
30. a canvas hammock tattoo
31. a square fishing net tattoo
32. a bright green sea turtle tattoo
33. a blue angel fish tattoo
34. a white-tipped stingray tattoo
35. a half-empty cocktail tattoo
36. a ghostly pirate ship tattoo
37. a menacing blue crab tattoo
38. a vine-draped banyan tattoo
39. a vivid emerald green parrot tattoo
40. a knotwork of wind currents tattoo
41. a sinuous Alhan'aht river tattoo
42. a fig-laden banyan tree tattoo
43. a sarong-draped nymph tattoo
44. a flock of seagulls tattoo
45. a clay jug of rum tattoo
46. a trio of purple orchids tattoo
47. a crimson beach bonfire tattoo
48. a full-sailed Silken Mist tattoo
49. a mist-shrouded rock jetty tattoo
50. a foamy cresting wave tattoo
51. a shell-lined tide pool tattoo
52. a half-peeled yellow banana tattoo
53. a pale sapphire glimaerfish tattoo
54. a fiery red goldfish tattoo
55. a striated leaf bug tattoo
56. a tiny citrine firefly tattoo
57. a rearing horned beetle tattoo
58. a jewel-toned tiny firefly tattoo
59. a toothy grey shark tattoo
60. a pair of palm trees tattoo

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You may order any of the tattoos on this sign and the artist will be more than
 happy to ink you.  The cost of a tattoo is 30000, payable by note or silvers.

Simply ask the artist for the tattoo you want by number and indicate to which part
 of your body you'd like it applied.  The artist here is able to put tattoos on your
 back, waist, head, shoulder, thigh, chest, wrist, forefinger, foot, neck, arm,
 leg, ear, and ankle.

For instance, if you would like "a large bowl of peanuts tattoo" shown above in position 3 to be
 applied to your neck, you would ASK Caeya for tattoo 3 on your neck.
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