Ebon Gate 2006 Auction (plat)

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The distribution of items will take place in two rooms, and each PC will start with one token. In the token room, an item will come up for "bid" and all interested parties will enter their tokens into a raffle for that item. The winner will receive the item and non-winning entries will have their tokens returned. In the silver room, each item will be auctioned as normal, but the winner of the auction will give their token in addition to the coins that they had bid. This way it is ensured that each character can get one and only one item.

Note: this is a preliminary item list and is subject to change before the auction begins.

Token room

Description Type Day Time Winner
a blackened kroderine longsword set with a heavily enruned hilt Weapon Saturday
a black silk gown Misc. Saturday
a brass and gold disk inset with a violet feystone Misc. Saturday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Saturday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Saturday
a burnished brass tinderbox Misc. Saturday
a construction document Certificate Saturday
a diamond-pommeled warblade adorned with a stylized lightning bolt hilt and an emerald main gauche adorned with a stylized volcano hilt Weapon Saturday
a drake-carved villswood heavy crossbow Bow Saturday
a gleaming vaalorn kilij with a deeply engraved handguard Weapon Saturday
a highly polished kelyn pin expertly crafted in the likeness of a small lockpick Misc. Saturday
a lapis-hilted silver eahnor dagger Weapon Saturday
a long wyrwood rattle Misc Saturday
a massive ironwood maul with a rolaren coil-wrapped haft Weapon Saturday
a midnight blue mithril claidhmore Weapon Saturday
an elegant pair of calf-laced crystal-heeled slippers Misc. Saturday
an enruned black ora torc Misc Saturday
an invar-bound segmented glaes angon Weapon Saturday
an orase-hafted vultite lance covered in fine black runes Weapon Saturday
an ornate vaalorn coronet set with a crimson blazestar Misc Saturday
a pair of large ram horns Misc. Saturday
a pale golden ruic longbow Bow Saturday
a property deed (Pinefar) Deed Saturday
a rough creamy white marble runestone Misc. Saturday
a round golvern buckler capped with a lethal spike Misc. Saturday
a segmented vultite-tipped spear Weapon Saturday
a single iron and razern shackle Misc. Saturday
a small white marble altar Misc. Saturday
a small wooden cube Misc. Saturday
a smooth cylindrical vial encased in thin silver strands on a narrow chain Misc. Saturday
a supple azure leather gauntlet Misc. Saturday
a thin beige portfolio Misc. Saturday
a twisted dark fireleaf runestaff Runestaff Saturday
some eahnor-studded brigandine crafted from supple sueded manticore skin (AsG 12) Armor Saturday
some jet black obsidian dice Misc. Saturday
some midnight blue robes clasped with a rhimar brooch Armor Saturday
some stately dragon-tooled armor (AsG 8) Armor Saturday
a bone-inlaid hawthorn ayr Instrument Sunday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Sunday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Sunday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Sunday
a crescent-bladed steel katar Weapon Sunday
a curse doll Misc Sunday
a gold and steel entwined wand Misc. Sunday
a gold-banded ring set with a large white pearl Misc Sunday
a gold-edged house deed (Zul Logoth) Deed Sunday
a golden eonake-studded bulawa with a supple leather-wrapped haft Weapon Sunday
a greyish brown faewood runestaff capped with a white soulstone Runestaff Sunday
a heavy vultite spikestar covered in intricate white runes Weapon Sunday
a hooded black silk dust cloak clasped at the neck with a radiant opalescent thunderstone Misc. Sunday
a long pure white box Misc. Sunday
an ensigiled dark leather pouch Misc. Sunday
an ethereal flamberge Weapon Sunday
an intricately engraved gold locket Misc. Sunday
an ornately gilded rolaren gorget Misc. Sunday
a pair of faded hunting boots Misc. Sunday
a pair of invar-framed spectacles with rectangular lenses Misc. Sunday
a pink-speckled alabaster mushroom Misc. Sunday
a ruby-inlaid golden zelnorn breastplate etched with the image of a setting sun (AsG 18) Armor Sunday
a sanguine enameled box Misc. Sunday
a scored and notched rolaren main gauche and a scuffed and battered badelaire Weapon Sunday
a silver-blue sapphire ring Misc. Sunday
a silvery-blue vaalorn francisca Weapon Sunday
a sleek night black goat garbed in a tiny ebony cape embroidered with a golden key Misc. Sunday
a slim brown leather quiver Misc. Sunday
a small fireworks press Misc. Sunday
a spiked deringo shield emblazoned with a howling wolf Shield Sunday
a steel short sword Misc. Sunday
a suit of exquisite adamantine full plate set with finely cut pieces of Kezmonian honey beryl (AsG 20) Armor Sunday
a triple-strand faenor diadem dangling an emerald blazestar Misc Sunday
a whimsical wyrwood short bow Toy Sunday
some ebon chain mail armor Armor Sunday
some opalescent vaalin-framed spectacles Misc. Sunday
some pure white chain mail armor (AsG 13 chain mail) Armor Sunday

Silvers room

Description Type Day Time Winner Price
some svelte suede-laced casting leathers decorated with multihued gemstones Armor Saturday
a suit of mithglin plate armor with spiked couters and poleyns (AsG 20) Armor Saturday
some ensigiled metal breastplate (AsG 17) Armor Saturday
some supple casting leathers with bone-beaded fringe (AsG 8) Armor Saturday
a yellowed elk-horn and hoarbeam composite bow Bow Saturday
a faded house deed (Solhaven) Deed Saturday
an orb-inset fel talisman Misc Saturday
a gold and eahnor band Misc Saturday
a curse doll Misc. Saturday
a dark crystal Misc. Saturday
a hollow soulstone wand Misc. Saturday
a long deep black box Misc. Saturday
a pair of laced calf-length crystal-heeled boots Misc. Saturday
a pair of large stag horns Misc. Saturday
a pair of silver-framed spectacles with oval lenses Misc. Saturday
a collar of curling bronze leaves separated by oval-cut green peridots Misc. Saturday
a small black marble altar Misc. Saturday
a small fireworks press Misc. Saturday
a small silver slide whistle Misc. Saturday
a striated misty grey runestone Misc. Saturday
a thick silver band inset with a small quartz orb Misc. Saturday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Saturday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Saturday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Saturday
an ancient glowbark runestaff Runestaff Saturday
a solid black illthorn aegis mounted with a large spike Shield Saturday
a gornar-etched dwarven miner's axe Weapon Saturday
a jet black adamantine bastard sword set with a large ruby pommel Weapon Saturday
an onyx-set ebon rolaren dagger Weapon Saturday
a razern-edged sword Weapon Saturday
a ruby-pommeled falchion adorned with a stylized flame hilt Weapon Saturday
a silvery grey dwarven moon axe Weapon Saturday
a steel katana Weapon Saturday
a thin-bladed vultite longsword covered in shimmering blue runes Weapon Saturday
some gold-threaded silver robes embroidered with tiny black lightning bolts Armor Saturday
a faceted golden blazestar ferroniere strung from a delicate faenor chain Misc Saturday
a thick obsidian band marked with a single glyph Misc Saturday
an ethereal halberd Weapon Sunday
an enruned black ora bracelet Misc Sunday
a suit of finely crafted zelnorn chain hauberk inlaid with deep black dreamstones (AsG 16) Armor Sunday
some charred brigandine armor (AsG 12) Armor Sunday
a web-enmeshed carmiln recurve bow Bow Sunday
a jet-inlaid raven crossbow Bow Sunday
a construction document Certificate Sunday
an onyx-inlaid mistwood zither Instrument Sunday
a delicate pink hand mirror Misc Sunday
a burnished platinum ring set with a tiny ruby Misc Sunday
a small crystal snow globe Misc Sunday
a blackened iron collar Misc. Sunday
a glossy black fel bracer Misc. Sunday
a highly polished kelyn pin expertly crafted in the likeness of a small chest Misc. Sunday
an ebony pendant Misc. Sunday
an enruned obsidian rod Misc. Sunday
a pearl-rimmed nacre Charl medallion suspended from a slender gold chain Misc. Sunday
a radiant golden crystal Misc. Sunday
a shimmering rainbow crystal Misc. Sunday
a wide-cuffed thick leather glove Misc. Sunday
a wyrwood rattle Misc. Sunday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Sunday
a bright faenor earcuff Misc. Sunday
some mottled drakar dice Misc. Sunday
a striated fireleaf runestaff Runestaff Sunday
a veniom-bound glowbark buckler Shield Sunday
a gleaming vaalorn morning star with barbed spikes Weapon Sunday
a massive dark eahnor flamberge Weapon Sunday
an ethereal falchion Weapon Sunday
a seared and corroded vultite bastard sword Weapon Sunday
a translucent black glaes claidhmore Weapon Sunday
a segmented spinewood-shafted faenor harpoon set with a number of knobby protrusions Weapon Sunday
a matte black kelyn hook-knife Weapon Sunday
an ebony-hilted golvern dirk and an ebony-hilted golvern dagger Weapon Sunday
a brittle yellowed finger bone Misc Sunday
a twisted vaalorn circlet set with an azure blazestar Misc Sunday
a property deed (Teras) Deed Sunday

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