Ebon Gate 2022 Buyer's Choice

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The TownCrier called for your nominations of the Best of the Fest, and here's your shopping guide for the first year at Evermore Hollow, Ebon Gate 2022.

Thank you to everyone who helps make this shopping guide available.

The Best of Ebon Gate Shopping for 2022

A HAUNTING TURN Blithe loves the new Premium teleportation jewelry from Smoldereye Lodge. It has great ghostly custom messaging ! Absolutely the bomb! Get yours now, otherwise wait on a merchant for custom message. Love the tomes, makes your priest or sorcerer look great while poofing away to the Isle in Style. EHShop:Smoldereye Lodge
SO MUCH AWKWARD Leeafiara's all in on this line of gowns. "I've been asking for something like the Uncouth Wallflower Gown (at the shop of the same name) for years and it more than delivered! This is the gown with hysterical fluff verbs for those of us who aren't elegant or practiced enough to know how to wear delicate, multi-layered clothing, much less dance in it!

Don't be fooled by the gown's off-the-shelf appearance, either; the versatile preset customization options let you alter the noun, article, and embellishments of your gown at will any time--yes, without a merchant--to perfectly convey anything you want about your character from "it's cute how hard she tried" to "she's a completely incorrigible slob." It also knows how to take dyes without messing up the rest of its design!"
EHShop:The Uncouth Wallflower
ALL THE FOOD A Basketifier is the ultimate in culinary transportation and sharing, with this buy recommendation from Dendum. You can't go wrong with endless winterberry ale either. Cater your adventuring parties with one! Get yours at Preserving Breads! EHShop:Preserving Breads
QUALITY CATERING The Basketifier, from the Preserving Breads shop, keeps all those rare (or not) food items around for you to munch on later. Making it so you can share/find items from your friends to make your own collection of food. "Dont forget to grab the edible hearts and drinkable blood that are so important to a good diet!" Porom reminded us.

Another unknown patron was exclaiming, "It's AMAZING!" as they ran off with their purchase.
EHShop:Preserving Breads
SCENTSIBLE Traiva is all about The Perfuminator! "It does absolutely nothing to tame my perfume addiction and so much to bring it under control! Each box holds only 25 perfume bottles, but now I can see what scent is in which bottle and how many doses are left, and they fit so much more neatly in my vanity. This is the first "in-ator" I NEED multiples of - I'm definitely getting a second, and maybe a third (that I'll have to get altered, of course)." Get yours at The Witching House. EHShop:The Witching House
IRRESISTABLY HAUNTED Traiva found the new perfumes at The Witching House a fine and haunting way to remember Naidem (except from the Regrets collection). "Who doesn't love a pleasant scent? The perfumes specifically for Evermore Hollow and Naidem are an excellent way to remember the event. (I also absolutely, positively do NOT have an addiction to perfumes.)" EHShop:The Witching House
ALL THE WEAPON OPTIONS Leafiara finds the Blacksmith's Companion an excellent and extremely affordable book that makes a wonderful set of tools for blacksmiths to create signature appearances for their forged weapons. Use it on weapons whether they're freshly created or have been in battle for years. Just note that they can only be used on weapons the book owners made themselves! The Ironmonger's Smithy is home to these amazing things. Upstairs get your unlocks and make your book specialized for what you need. EHShop:Ironmonger's Smithy
DINNER IS A SNAP Ordim has the scoop on dining with friends: Have you ever wanted to serve multiple guests the same thing? Wanted to play a game with food items? Just want to serve a nice sampling of foods to your guests? Hate the setup involved in creating multiple copies of the exact same food spread? The Small Diner's Board at All Fingers and No Crumbs is perfect for you! Load it up with your food and drink items, configure the board for how you want to serve it and in an instant you can have up to 8 copies of the layout for your guests or players! Lots of things to customize, like the serving containers to the magical clean up! You can even configure how people eat from the boards! EHShop:All Fingers and No Crumbs
ALL THE GESTURES The Blood Red Hand (at the shop of the same name) comes with an absolutely incredible number of verbs, including several that are demeanor-specific. Express yourself in new ways, including the ability to customize the way your hand looks in the messaging! Slap your friends in the face by accident in TWO DIFFERENT ACCIDENTAL WAYS! This hand-altering, show-stopper is a must! EHShop:The Blood Red Hand
THE LOOK IS ALL THE RAGE The special costumes at Covert Creatures are like a zesty shimmer trinket when fully unlocked! Each type of sea creature/bug has different verbiage to it, creating a fun verb factory! Pookia raves, "Do the dance. Do the seahorse dance!" EHShop:Covert Creatures
ALL THE WAND SPELLS The Wand Combiner is back and better than ever at Any Way You Wand It. Darleatha thinks it is so nice not to have to pull out a new wand every few waves! Get one to use with each wand you need - Aqua, gold, crystal, etc. Holds 50 Charges. "I'm getting several ! Saves on wand space in your wand belt too!" EHShop:Any Way You Wand It
FISHING BONANZA As a fervent fishing fan, the Super-Fish-All Tackle Box at Rodnir's Bait and Tackle is an organizational dream come true. I can keep different weights, lures, and lines all in one place. EHShop:Rodnir's Bait and Tackle
PERFUME ROOM Maevie raves, "The new Perfuminator is the best-smelling tool I've found for locker organization! Not only do perfumes of the same kind stack, but you can also see how many doses are left. Thanks to this, I now have locker space!" EHShop:The Witching House
GEMTABULOUS CABOODLE When you play a game called GEMstone, you know you're gonna run across GEMS, right? And you'll need them for all sorts of things. The Gem-in-ator, or The Crafter's Caboodle will help you stack,store, and organize your special gems you are saving. Just remember, they'll lose magical and sellability properties when placed inside. But you can craft, create, and alter with them to your heart's desire. EHShop:Collectors Calamity
EVERY HOUR IS HAPPY HOUR As a hungry halfling, happy hour happens all day long with the Basketifier. A fantastic place to keep all my food and drinks, and I don't have to worry about running out! Voted number one by Maevie! Look for it at the Preserving Breads shop. EHShop:Preserving Breads
ALL THE HERBS That Forager's Vasculum from the Witch's Garden is unreal. Nisugi reported, "It's weightless. Item countless. And no limit on stack size other than an unrealistic limit above 2,500 pieces." GMs noted that any herb associated with a spell (ie, healing, etc) will not work in these. EHShop:The Witch's Garden
HIT OF THE PARTY Darkboxes are the ultimate Party Game. You don't have to put traps in it - though it makes it more interesting! And you can set your own price for using it. Great for events, parties, improptu games, cleaning out your locker.. really the possibilities for this thing is limitless. Laelithonel added, "It's fun to see someone get something they genuinely wanted or enjoy out of it too. EHShop:Luck of the Draw
CUSTOM KICKS The Cobbling Silk Screen and Leather tools are fantastic items for designer footwear. It gives a bit more freedom, and probably more storage space, to have something on hand that allows for a bit of customization on the fly. EHShop:Tippy Toes
COGNITIVE ADVANTAGE There's a cog for sale at The Gnome Depot with +5 Logic enhancive (Stat/Base) on it. And it is not crumbly. When was the last time you saw something this useful for sale at this value? EHShop:The Gnome Depot
LIGHT IT UP A happy customer left A.B. Witching's shop with a Matchlight Tattoo Ring, exclaiming, "I'll never need another match again and this ring turns into a neat tattoo to save on space. Light up legally with style and flair!" EHShop:A. B. Witching
BOOK IT The Book Buddies sold at Fiendish Phantomes are pretty amazing animations for alchemy recipe books or sorcerer's rune books. But you can be any profession to enjoy this little flying book companion! This faithful friend follows you around and settles at your feet so you can use the book.You can even turn ambients on and off for yours. Highly customizable settings from EG Merchants gave special extra styling to them. EHShop:Fiendish Phantomes
SAVOR THE FLAVOR The Gravers and Gouges at Beyond the Graver are officially called an Ancestral Assistant. This little engraving tool will slightly modify the article portion of the name on a metal (graver) or wood (gouge) gear item (as long as it's not a scripted weapon/armor/shield/accessory). Unlocking it allows you to strip temp properties from your gear, the higher the tier, the more times a day you can use it. Each comes with two options for the resulting final weapon look modification. Very cool stuff here! EHShop:Beyond the Graver
SHOCK AND AWE The Shock Weapons are BACK - better than before with the new upgrades! Don't miss the self-serve and simplified unlocks in Farain's Shack. Load your runestaff or polearm with an elemental essence and watch it zap your foes! EHShop:Farain's Shack
CHRISM POWER Clerical types don't forget to pick up a Chrismarium. It's powered by chrisms so you do not have to carry around so many chrisms. The chrism-power stored inside will give the chrism affect to your resurrections. This was such an easy decision to buy! EHShop:Derelict Abbey