Eirsei's Tent

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Eirsei's Tent is a food shop in Wehnimer's Landing. It is located in the Elven village in Danjirland. The Landing is the closest town to the location.

[Eirsei's Tent, Inside] RNUM: 28653
The strong delicious aroma of fresh baked goods fills this well lit tent. You note two small stone ovens with a wood fire burning underneath. Above, a smoke hole in the top of the tent allows smoke from the ovens to escape. You also see a cloth covered table with some stuff on it and a spry young elf.


On the covered table you see a warm gooseberry muffin, a cup of spring water, a cup of elven mead, a hot sausage roll and a small loaf of sweet sticky bread.

On the cloth covered table you see:

a small loaf of sweet sticky bread Weight: <1 pound 60
a cup of elven mead Weight: <1 pound 80
a warm gooseberry muffin Weight: <1 pound 35
a cup of spring water Weight: <1 pound 15
a hot sausage roll Weight: <1 pound 50



She appears younger than most elves you've seen around here but she is certainly no child.  Wearing a light brown apron splotched with flour, she has kept her skin remarkably clean.  She also has long beautiful silver hair reaching down to her waist and tied in a pony tail to keep it clear of her work.


A spry young elf peeks in one of the ovens as she checks on her cooking.

A spry young elf takes a long slow whiff of the air and nods in approval.

A spry young elf carefully arranges her baked goods on the table.