Elanthian Vogue: Fashanos 5120 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

This month we are combining the 5119 Vogue Gallery portrait reveal with the customary Duskruin Supplement. Not only will we focus on the "twin thing" but also on the concept of "sharing", by which we mean having a collective, gender neutral wardrobe.

Whether it's twins, partners, or simply a small group of good friends, it is not uncommon for people to have the same tastes in fashion, from simple jewelry pieces to entire outfits. This is especially true if you are a dedicated follower of trends. How often have you envied what someone else close to you is wearing? So, why not share! Instead of owning a pile of similarly styled of garments, get together and build a wardrobe that you can all draw on. You might even wish to experiment with mixing up the concepts of traditional male and female attire. Whatever way you make it work for you, just don't fight over whose turn it is to wear that extra-special coat or gown!

It's a Twin-Thing

Known to many for their incomparable tailoring and cobbling skills, the twins, Oirisu and Airisu grace the month of Fashanos in the 5119 Vogue Gallery journal. It was impossible to decide between the two Nalfein ladies so both were honored in the lineup and we hope that you agree with our choice of presentation for the traditional month of romance.

Fashanos Oirisu and Airisu At the forefront of the page, two exceptionally tall elven ladies stand back-to-back with enigmatic smiles on their identically drawn faces. Deftly captured in just a few lines of dark indigo ink on the pale vellum, the stark outline of the twins is broken only by the circumspect application of intense red pigment. Strands of long garnet-hued hair blend with vines of similarly colored roses to wend their way around both slender bodies, allowing for tantalizing glimpses of pearlescent ivory between the strategically daubed blooms. Portrait as featured in the 5119 Vogue Gallery

On the 14th day of Fashanos, Elanthian's observe the Day of Voaris and Laethe. The orphan twins are both patrons of young love: where Voaris watches over those whose love is forbidden, Laethe watches over those whose love is lost. The Hall of the Lovers in Icemule Trace houses a pair of willow altars to honor both brothers and serves as a perfect location for a secluded liaison – be sure to bring a couple of roses as a blessing to the orphans. If you can tear your eyes away from each other, take a moment to also admire the surrounding panels of stained glass.

For those of you still embracing the idea of a change of pace, as covered in last month's Elanthian Vogue, we suggest you take the opportunity to pop down to the basement while you're in the Temple, to pick up some incense and candles.

A Bloodriven Fashion Collective

Secluded away near the Locksmehr River, Bloodriven Village has a reputation for being the haunt of bandits, outlaws, and ruffians with its blood sports, nefarious activities, and smuggled goods. For those with an eye for fashionable bargains however, it is well worth a visit, as long as you don't mind paying with bloodscrip.

With a theme of dark and dangerous romance as the basis of a "shared" wardrobe, one of our more intrepid reporters ventured down its dilapidated streets again to source some interesting attire for the more discerning trendsetter.

Set against the wall of the village's southernmost border, is a narrow building housing Xanai's infamous Whisper cloaks. The Cover Up boasts a range of stylish outerwear for the very low cost of 75 scrip. Choose from a glaes-studded raven leather coat with flared sleeve cuffs, a burgundy suede coat with feathery bronze embroidery, or an austere onyx suede longcoat fettered with leather straps. Alternatively, for 1100 scrip, it is possible to acquire a long onyx fur cloak draped with narrow chains on the shoulders with considerably more flair.

Further along the wall in Bailey Park, just as it angles to the northwest, and in the shade of towering conifers, is a glass-fronted red maoral salon. This richly appointed building houses The Best Tressed, the home of some very stylish wigs. One in particular caught the eye of our reporter - an expertly crafted wig of extremely short, razored stormy black hair accentuated by a strikingly evident shock of pure white, yours for only 50 scrip. What better way to make a statement!

A dark stone building along Faida Lane is where one can find the Bloodriven Bowery. Don't be put off by the grime-caked windows or clutter within as this tiny shop is a veritable trove of fashionable wares; from its leather-draped dark wool coat, ashen plaid trousers fastened with wooden buttons, black leather shirt with a high splayed collar, and grey nubuck riding boots hooked across each ankle – all for the ridiculously low cost of 5 scrip. Finish the outfit with a lacquered ash thigh-quiver traced in brass fauna for just 25 scrip.

For those with more combative tendencies, a visit to Bloodriven Village isn't complete without a stop at Bare Aggression. The rough-hewn knotty pine hall is where you can pick up some pallid knee-high boots inset with shards of obsidian and matching pallid leather gloves inset with obsidian studs; both suitable for unarmed combat with integral enchantment (4x) and vacuum flares. Yours for only 250 bloodscrip each.

The cheerful, crackling fire in the nearby stately two-story house in Pell Square is a good place to rest but is also worth a visit to pick up a few Accessories of Crime. Secreted upstairs, in the basket on the table is an unassuming but very useful glaes shard. For just 105 scrip, it is possible to have your hair parted far off to the left side, with the right side twisted around a red garnet-veined midnight black glaes shard in a web-like spiral of styling. Also, in the case on the window sill, is a tri-banded black jade poison ring with a "squared chunk of red jade" lid. Although it is little more costly than some of the other items at 1000 scrip, the ring is very versatile and discreet.

Further along Faida Lane, where it narrows, is the entrance to Blot Alley. Built between two buildings, is a narrow shop with a roof of overlapping canopies that are nailed into a series of boarded up windows on either side. This is the home of the Shield Capes Collection. For the low cost of 1000 scrip, it is possible to purchase an onyx and crimson bourde cape which is a passive defense item that has a chance to block an incoming blow. The cape comes with an integral star-shaped intaglio brooch and smooth ivory bangle. These fastenings can be changed out for a more personal touch at 500 scrip each.

Blot Alley opens into Copper Road where there is a boxy brass-framed building. Bundle Up is the home of Compartmentalized Quivers – a clever device that grants access to a number of compartments to carry extra bundles of ammo weightlessly. A slim platinum quiver adorned with faint feather etchings worn over the shoulder, could be yours for just 2500 with the option to purchase upgrades.

Alongside is a small black and grey tent that holds the faint odor of acidic rain. Suspended on the pavilion's central pillar by a stained hook is a black wrist sheath inlaid with bleakstone chips. Although this sheath has the potential to be concealed beneath your sleeves, one could argue that the rare bleakstone adornments are worth displaying; no one need know that you only paid 20 scrip for it.

As you head south, down Gloam Pike, towards Lyswe Court, stop by Autumnal Den and pick up a long-sleeved crimson leather shirt with gold hook closures. First released at Briarmoon Cove back in 5116, this sought-after piece of Forest armor is not only stylish but also has integral enchantment (5x) and can be yours for only 3000 scrip.

Before leaving the Village, complete your shared wardrobe with a pair of high-waisted trousers cut from crisp ebon twill for just 5 scrip from Gamac's Goods or perhaps, a corseted satin gown thinly striped in black and white for 3000 scrip. The gown is not only enchanting (5x) but also somewhat critically padded to enhance those curves.

And last, but by no means least, for those wishing to make a statement, the addition of a velvet heart-shaped headdress is the perfect finishing touch to any Day of Voaris and Laethe outfit - with the option of being worn in 4 very elegant ways for only 250 scrip.

Be sure to grab these while you can as rumor has it, things will be changing in the summer!