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Whisper cloaks were first introduced at Duskruin Arena at The Cover Up. These cloaks allow you to whisper into them and store a message for future review.


The creator has also provided the following information:

This item can be altered, but it needs to remain a worn, LONG, container with some kind of a clasp, which should remain a singular item, and should be able to be flipped (ie: no frog closures).  In addition, the clasp portion of this longcoat is fully alterable.  This clasp does NOT need to be included in the base/long of the item.  This longcoat is Tier 2/2.  Original merchant: Xanai, Duskruin.

There is an auto-close feature when the item is worn.  You can toggle this with PROD.

Your longcoat is fully unlocked.  Available verbs: clean, flip, fold, pull, ponder, raise, remove, rub, snap, tickle, touch, turn, wear, whisper.

Verb Traps

Tier 0
WEAR In a single, fluid motion, you swing the black cloak around your body and onto your shoulders, settling in it comfortably. You abruptly fasten the black moonstone clasp to secure your possessions from wandering hands. In a single, fluid motion, XXX swings the black cloak around her shoulders and abruptly fastens the black moonstone clasp with a satisfying nod.
REMOVE You unfasten the black moonstone clasp and remove your black cloak, glancing around expectantly. You lay the cloak across your arm, somewhat annoyed. Where's a butler when you need one? XXX unfastens the black moonstone clasp and removes her black cloak, glancing around expectantly as if waiting for someone to come and hang it up for her. She lays the cloak neatly across her arm with a grumble.
You adjust the carved ebon clasp on your crimson jacket, loosening its position.
You adjust the carved ebon clasp on your crimson jacket, tightening its position.
XXX adjusts the carved ebon clasp on her crimson jacket slightly.
Toggles autoclose feature.
With meticulous care, you drape the crimson jacket over your arm and straighten the creases. XXX drapes the crimson jacket over her arm and straightens the creases.
With a devious grin, you fold your arms across your chest and shrug your shoulders beneath your black cloak. XXX folds her arms across her chest and with a shrug, grins deviously. She must be up to something!
TICKLE You tinker absentmindedly with the black moonstone clasp on your black cloak, insinuating disinterest in your surroundings. XXX tinkers absentmindedly with the clasp on her black cloak and appears quite uninterested in her surroundings.
You touch the crimson jacket's carved ebon clasp with unbridled anticipation, but your mind goes blank. It might help if you wore it. N/A
Worn, Message
As you touch the black cloak's black moonstone clasp, you are suddenly filled with memories of a distant past. The words flood your mind as you remember...
I love you. You love me. We're a happy family.
XXX touches her black cloak's black moonstone clasp and appears to be listening intently to something.
Worn, No message
You touch the black cloak's black moonstone clasp but there are no associated memories that you can easily recall. XXX touches her black cloak's black moonstone clasp and closes her eyes, deep in thought.
You lower your head and whisper something profound into the black cloak's black moonstone clasp. The cloak seems to vibrate in response to your voice. XXX lowers her head and appears to whisper something into her black cloak's black moonstone clasp.
Tier 1 CLEAN Noticing a clump of dirt along the edge of your dark leather longcoat, you casually brush it off, and it lands right at XXX's feet! XXX casually brushes a clump of dirt off her dark leather longcoat, and it lands right at your feet!
RAISE Subtly, you lift the edge of the dark leather longcoat's carved ebon clasp, pretending to only adjust its placement. With a quick flick of your wrist, you turn it to the left, causing your dark leather longcoat to billow around your feet. XXX's dark leather longcoat billows around her feet.
RUB You reach up and brush your hand across your shoulder. Almost simultaneously, shadowy ripples begin to slither down the dark leather longcoat. XXX brushes her hand across her shoulder, and shadowy ripples appear to slither down her dark leather longcoat.
TURN You turn abruptly and yank your dark leather longcoat, forcing it to coil around your legs. XXX turns abruptly, yanking her dark leather longcoat to coil around her legs.
Fully Unlocked
Tier 2
You fiddle with your crimson jacket's carved ebon clasp. XXX fiddles with the carved ebon clasp on her crimson jacket.
You discreetly cover the dark leather longcoat's carved ebon clasp with your palm and flip it over using your thumb, inconspicuously closing your longcoat. XXX fiddles with the carved ebon clasp on her dark leather longcoat.
PULL You wrap your dark leather longcoat tighly around your body. The material suddenly constricts around your form, threatening to cut off your circulation. Dark voices echo within your mind. XXX wraps her dark leather longcoat around her body. Her face goes pale, as if she had just seen a ghost.
PONDER You gaze at your dark leather longcoat, and your mind empties of nearly all thought. XXX gazes at her dark leather longcoat as her eyes take on a glassy appearance.
SNAP With a snap of your fingers, you command the hem of your dark leather longcoat to flutter in an unseen breeze, creating a distraction of churning dust. A cloud of dust obscures the ground as it churns near XXX's feet, capturing your attention.

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