Elanthian Vogue: Lumnea 5118 (Duskruin Supplement)

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Editor: Editorial Team in the absence of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

Hot on the heels of our recent publication ( Edition 4), the Editorial Team of Elanthian Vogue have persuaded a daring reporter to venture back into Bloodriven Village to seek out the latest top ten fashionable finds for our readers.

Duskruin Supplement

As reported in last month’s (Ivastaen) publication, it is no secret that the trend towards red is still prevalent at court and in fashionable tea rooms across Elanthia, so why not draw attention to yourself with short, vibrant coppery red hair crowned with longer wildly back-swept tresses. This new hairstyle is easily achieved by donning a vibrant coppery red wig for the bargain price of 50 bloodscrip from The Best Tressed salon. Don’t forget to pick up some wig powder too to avoid that pesky scalp itch.

Alternatively, a quick rummage through a velvet-lined basket in Accessories of Crime reveals a simple vaalin nail file. For just 180 bloodscrip you can smooth and skewer your hair into a low, twisted bun with a handy lockpick and be ready for any occasion.

For those with FashionCon 5118 themes in mind, you may wish to venture into the decrepit basement of the Art of Lore to find an Elemental Magic sling. A vaalin-bound runestaff sling will set you back 1,500 bloodscrip but what better way to display your love of the classic elements.

Similarly, the table in Autumnal Den carries a soft velvet houppelande stitched with light green leaf patterns. At a cost of only 3,000 bloodscrip, this elegant cloth armor has been touched by Imaera for a perfect nod towards the earth element and will call upon the powers of the forest for the wearer.

For those with skills in unarmed combat but on a limited budget, the knotty hall commonly known as Bare Aggression continues to offer fashion-forward gear. Some grey sealskin gloves with rhimar-frosted knuckles and matching grey sealskin boots traced by thin rhimar icicles will only set you back 200 bloodscrip each and both come with integral enchantment (4x) and cold flares.

Gamac’s Goods is where you can find two intriguing items at either end of the bloodscrip budget scale. The first is a fireleaf red warpaint jar for those occasions where you just need to look a little fiercer – yet still fashionable - and a steal at only 10 bloodscrip. The second is a veniom mesh coin pouch that conveniently holds up to 25,000 silvers weightlessly and available for the princely sum of 25,000 bloodscrip.

Don't be put off by its dilapidated appearance, the shop called Ode to Resistance is the home of the penultimate “hot” item in the form of a silk-lined red vultite byrnie decorated in golden flames. This chain armor comes with integral enchantment (4x) and a 20% resistance to heat. Yours for only 2,500 bloodscrip.

And last but not least, no one need know you are carrying a mirror when you have one concealed behind a gold-edged silver badge. Yours for only 25 bloodscrip from Smoke Screen.

Remember that these are only available for a limited time, so grab them while you can and impress your friends with your knowledge of the vogue.