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This Month's Edition

Editor: The Editorial Team in the absence of Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l

Editor's Thoughts

The team have decided to continue with publication despite the disappearance of our beloved Editor. I’m sure she would wish business to continue as usual in her absence.

Spring has well and truly arrived and all our attention at The Looking Glass is now focused on preparations for FashionCon in a few months. Whilst we’ve changed the format this year from the usual Elanthian Fashion Week, it still promises to be packed with a wide variety of events that will hopefully interest everyone.

In the meantime, this edition of Elanthian Vogue will be looking a little closer at what’s hot and what’s not so that you can be ready to spring-board into summer. I make no apologies for the pun but I do have one word for you: RED!

As always, we welcome feedback, suggestions, and articles for future editions.

RED Alert!

This coming season is all about the power of red; a color that has many connotations across various races and cultures. To some it represents luck, wealth, and happiness; to others it signifies danger, passion, and combat prowess. But whatever it means to you, there is no doubt that red has had, and still has, significant influence in the fashion world.

Often associated with aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons but it is making a strong visual impact on the elven courtiers, having the ability to make a statement with minimal effort. The fiery shade dominates this season’s wardrobe with trendsetters wearing head-to-toe burgundy, wine and cerise for every occasion; from pants to coats, gowns and accessories, there’s an entry point for every lady and gentleman in red this summer.

The hue complements almost all skin tones; the boldest opting for vermillion, scarlet, and crimson whilst the timorous leaning more towards salmon pink and coral. Whatever your choice though, pick a shade and own it!

Editor's Picks

Updating your wardrobe for the season ahead doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. We’ve picked six key off-the-shelf pieces, all of them red – of course - and available for 10,000 silvers or less.

Tucked away in Cysaegir is a little gem of a shop. Piaere's Boutique stocks an airy dahlia red chiffon houppelande for those wishing to make the ultimate power statement.

Every elegant lady should own a pair of gloves and what better way to follow the latest trend than by purchasing a pair of carmine silk gloves from the Plume and Glove in Ta'Illistim. Perfect for every occasion.

Those living in warmer climes or looking for something a little less formal can’t go wrong with either a thigh-length raspberry linen tunic from the Island Boutique on Mist Harbor or a dusky red poplin yoked shirt from Marienna's Market on the volcanic island of Kharam Dzu.

Complementing most elegant evening outfits, a sheer merlot chiffon wrap is the perfect finishing touch. It can be found in Caelyna's Boutique in Solhaven.

Our HOT PICK for this edition, however, is a slim red cream-filled vial from Elaraeyn's Boutique in Wehnimer's Landing. After all, there is nothing more self-assured than a pair of glossy red full lips.

Style Steals!

Our second style steal comes from the nomadic tribes of the Sea of Fire.

Opting for comfort, the favored sandals of the Tehir are either worn loose or ankle-tied, possessing a simple bifurcated strap that begins between the toes and extends across the top of the foot. The straps can range from a simple leather strip, to colored ribbon, or even an intricate braid.

Every summer wardrobe needs a pair of comfortable sandals, and if your preference is for something in RED, look no further than Piaere's Boutique again where you can find a pair of slim red-ribboned sandals at the very reasonable price of 5,000 silvers.

Spotlight on the Saephua

Balmy summer evenings naturally mean thoughts turn to lightweight apparel and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than in a saephua. Borrowed from the Aelotoi, and favored by the ladies of the Isle of the Four Winds, the saephua is primarily worn on formal occasions as a ceremonial garment but lends itself well to simple and classically elegant outfits.

Wrapped snugly around the torso and tying behind the neck to leave the shoulders bare, saephuas not only show off the contours of the feminine form in a pleasing fashion, they also allow the body to remain cool.

You see Lady Laphrael Miran'ta.
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
She is shorter than average and appears to have come of age. She has indigo-limned deep cerulean eyes and soft, lily-white skin. She has shoulder-length, thickly knotted carmine hair with braids interwoven with vermilion coils and lapis beadwork. She has a delicate face, an upturned nose and thin eyebrows. She has a light peppering of freckles on her cheeks.
She has a tattoo of an eight-pointed star on her wrist.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pale lilac satchel slung over her shoulder, a pale cream faille jacket with raw silk lapels, a deep plum damask silk saephua, a carved rosewood case, some cropped pale ivory chainsil pants, and some rosewood-heeled plum linen sandals.

Beginning from just under the arms and wrapping down the torso, the saephua is made from a damask silk with a sparse pale lilac and silver blossom weave. The ends of the fabric tuck inside the garment at the small of the back, while two braided cream cords tie in off-centered bows under the bust and around the midriff to hold the material snug.

Dates for your Diary

Set against the backdrop of shimmering blue spires, majestic marble bridges, and beautiful gardens of Ta'Illistim, FashionCon is a 3-day conference sponsored by Elanthian Elegance to celebrate fashion in Elanthia. The dates for your diary this year are Day of the Huntress, 27th day of Koaratos to Restday, 29th day of Koaratos. Expect a weekend filled with lectures, workshops and discussion groups, as well as the opportunity to socialise with fellow delegates at parties and other fun events.

Organisations who are interested in participating and hosting events during the weekend are encouraged to complete a REGISTRATION FORM as soon as possible to ensure that they are included in the promotional material.

We hope to see you there!