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Eloth-Ra is the first permanent settlement of the erithi on the continent of Atan Irith and the capital of the erithian nation. The name Eloth-Ra means "sky home" or "high home" in the Erithian language.

Eloth-Ra is situated high in the northern mountains, within a fertile alpine valley. The valley is protected by a magical barrier that "bends" light and essence. Travelers without knowledge of how to bypass the magic are subtly redirected around the valley, never becoming aware of its existence.

Oats and buckwheat are the primary crops grown in the region. Domesticated farm animals include goats, sheep, mountain roltons, rabbits, and geese.

Among the important sites in Eloth-Ra are the Temple of Wisdom, dedicated to honor both Lumnis and Fash'lo'nae and the Library of Eloth-Ra, considered one of the greatest repositories of knowledge in the world.

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