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The Volnath Dai are a recent religious sect among the erithi.[1]

The sect was founded by an erithian pilgrim of the Nathala Dai who traveled to the Southron Wastes and was taken in by monks of the Order of Voln, at that time locked in a protracted war against the Horned Cabal. After witnessing and participating in many battles, he returned to Nathal-Ra to spread the teachings of the Order.

Their symbol is a white nautilus shell imposed on a shield of black.

The Maxims of the Pilgrim

Members of the Volnath Dai often carry these sayings in a small black leather booklet with a white nautilus shell on the cover.

  1. "Remember that our world is one created in balance, and Voln was sent to us by Lorminstra's need and her father's grace not to make war, but to bring peace."
  2. "A follower of Voln is not the wind, but the water which silences the ripple."
  3. "A weapon is neither good nor bad. It is a tool available to both the wicked and the just, and it is only the purpose behind the strike which defines he or she who wields it."
  4. "Balance the mind, balance the body, and you will balance the world."
  5. "For every shadow there is light, and without light, there is no shadow."
  6. "One cannot say that light does not create shadow, but one is not required to stand in the shadow when there is light to follow."
  7. "Tradition is merely the crutch of the unimaginative and fearful."


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