Eonak's Belt

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South of Kalaza, deep within the DragonSpine, a river of lava cut across the caverns, deep below the mountains. The Elves called this "Luineghash," but the dwarves called it "Eonak's Belt".[1] The Kazunel Clan, the Reznek Clan, and the Smaelton Clan all built their cities along the smaller flows of lava, harnessing the power of molten rock to aid their forging efforts. The streams of lava would be put to use in later years.

Naurathrad: Fire Forges

In Gezunel and Grentok, the smiths there created "fire forges," from the thin streams of lava trickling through the town. They carved tunnels into the existing lava flows, and created their forges right on top of them. As the heat was unbearable, only the most skilled dwarves of these clans, or those working with the strongest of magical metals, were able to actually work upon the powerful "Naurathrad." In later years, mages were invited, under close supervision, to add their elemental magics during the forging process. Many powerful weapons and armors were created upon the Naurathrads, the skill of the dwarves combined with the magics of the mages.

The temple to Eonak within Zul Logoth also contains a small model of the Naurathrad.

Behind the Scenes

The term naurathrad is derived from the words for "fire" and "river crossing" in J.R.R. Tolkien's Sindarin language.[2]

The term luineghash could be derived from "blade" in Gaelic, along with "ghâsh" which is "fire" in Black Speech.[3]