Smaelton Clan

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The Smaelton Clan is one of the Dwarven mountain clans, specializing in smelting.[1]

The home of the Smaelton Clan is the city of Eregrek, one of three major underground cities (along with the Kazunel Clan city of Gezunel and the Reznek Clan city of Grentok) built near Eonak's Belt, a great river of lava deep beneath the Dragonspine Mountains.

Beleganto, the Drake's Belly

Tharifor Irunfete Smaelton is credited with overseeing the construction of the renowned Beleganto smelting vat, the pride and joy of all those who reside in Eregrek. This was (and still is) used for melting tremendous rocks or metal into liquid form. The "drake's belly" sits over a small pond of molten lava. Intricate bridges lead around and up to the mouth of the vat. Underneath, different levers built within the side of the vat allow the isolation and release of the contents of the giant drum, depending on their weight and density. Chutes leading from Beleganto, known as the "drake's fingers," pour into holding cylinders for cooling metal work.


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