Etesian Hall

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Etesian Hall is the Premium Hall located within Ta'Vaalor.


It can be found through a gate on Shimaerslin Wey, one south of the Hall of the Arkati. From King's Court (by the bench): EAST, EAST, EAST, NORTH, EAST, EAST, EAST, NORTH, GO GATE.

Premium Teleportation Jewelry

A table stocked with Premium teleportation jewelry is located on a wide oak table in the Foyer (Lich #20706).

On the oak table you see a frolicking ferret-linked bracelet, a ruby and twisted gold ring, a carved white marble trillium pendant, a sun-shaped petrified haon pin, an ebon-veined white marble band, a carved sephwir tree brooch, a silver-dipped aspen leaf stickpin, a wyvern-etched hammered gold armcuff, a gold-strung crimson blazestar, a braided crimson silk armband, a gold-caged red garnet pin, a red silk winged wyvern emblem, a delicate teardrop ruby pendant, a carved white birch owl talisman and a wyvern-inlaid red carbuncle medallion.

Food and Drinks

Bistro (Lich #20714)

On the mottled marble counter you see a salad of watermelon rinds, a carafe of cold strawberry punch, a bowl of warm banana fritters, a plate of breaded fish filets, a pitcher of iced lemon cocktail, a plate of lemon butter cookies, a platter of honey-glazed pheasant, a bottle of fruity rum punch and a platter of dark-seeded pomegranates.

Lounge (Lich #120713)

On the marble counter you see a tray of chocolate cookies, a bottle of blush pink wine, a bottle of deep red wine, a plate of fresh slices of bread, a platter of sharp yellow cheese and a carafe of blended coffee.

Other Amenities

The Hall has a Game Room with BlackDrake tables (Lich #20711). From the Foyer, GO STAIRS, GO EBONWOOD ARCH.

The Courtyard (Lich #20702) contains flowers that can be picked.

In the flower bed you see a fresh carnation, a fresh tulip, a fresh rose, a fresh daisy and a fresh orchid.

There is a supernode in Etesian Hall's Lounge.

Etesian Hall is unique in that it has a climbable trellis in the Garden. if you climb it, you will reach a balcony, and from there you can enter the Hall's office. If you exit by the pale linden door, you will find yourself on a landing at the top of some stairs. There is a rosewood-paneled wall that contains an ebonwood arch (the entrance to the Game Room), the door you just exited, and a curved golden doorway (the transport room). It also has a kitchen, though no food is available in the kitchen.