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Everall Dillingham
Race Human
Culture Selanthia
Hometown Solhaven
Class Paladin
Profession Inquisitor
Religion Koar
Affiliation(s) House of the Rising Phoenix, Order of the Azure Sun, House Daingneach Onoir, Voln
In-a-Word Be fearless, brave, and upright. Speak truth unto your death. Care for the weak, and serve the Empire and the Church.
Disposition Cordial
Demeanor Friendly, but Discerning
Primary Trait Honorable
Greatest Strength Destroying undead, Protecting the empire and her interests
Greatest Weakness Currently nocturnal
Habits Study, prayer, playing population control with those seeking to destroy the people of the empire
Hobbies Weapons and horses
Likes Horse rides, Tourneys, Swordplay, History
Dislikes Manipulation and gods of Lornon
Loyalties Koar and the church, The Empire, my friends

Everall Dillingham

Everall Dillingham is a Human Paladin from Selanthia. He was sent north from his early home near Tamzyrr, and is currently assigned to the northern Empire for his duties. He has resided in Solhaven for a number of years now and considers it his new home for however long he is working with the Church of Koar, or until he is reassigned. As an Inquisitor, he travels throughout Vornavis and frequently into the frontier land.

He is a member of the House of the Rising Phoenix, as well as, a member of the Order of the Azure Sun.


Born in 5087 on a ranch outside of Tamzyrr, Everall is one of three children in the Dillingham family; a family known for ranching and mining in the foothills outside of Tamzyrr. The patriarch of the family supplied the Selanthian military with weaponry and excellently bread horses. He, himself, was a retired member of the Order of the Golvern Star. The matriarch of the family is a kind and humble woman who is a devout follower of Koar.

Everall is the middle child having an older brother whose whereabouts are unknown, and a younger sister named Litha who resides in Solhaven. Everall spent his youth sitting at the base of the city walls, study chivalric code and squiring with a Tamzyrrian knight of the Order of the Crimson Fist. At 16, he began formal military studies. After a number of years of service with the Imperial military he received a missive from the local Prelate of the Church of Koar requesting a meeting. He was asked to consider employment with the Church of Koar to seek out those who have malintent towards residents of the Empire (particularly possibly from those who follow the gods of Lornon) and heresy to Koarinian doctrine.


You see Lord Everall Dillingham the Inquisitor of Koar. He appears to be a Human from Selanthia. He appears to be an adult. He has brown eyes and fair skin. He has long, dark brown hair. He is wearing a royal blue longcloak clasped with a star-of-Tamzyrr diamond, a pair of silver-banded swordbreaker pauldrons with shield-shaped besagues, a radiant golden crown symbol bedizened with white opal drakes, a golden phoenix pin, some dusty brown leather saddlebags slung over his shoulder, a blackened spiked veil iron greatshield slung over his other shoulder, a spiked ora augmented breastplate, a gold signet, an alum-studded leather frog with an argent morning star and a haon-handled veil iron war hammer hanging from it, a tattered suede reliquary, a pair of brushed silver spurs, and a pair of whiskey brown oilskin riding boots edged with gold.


A Narrative Essay on Honour in the Lands of Elanthia[1]

Significant Items

an argent iron-spiked morning star

Numerous sharp iron spikes adorn the perfectly forged vultite ballhead, its surface highly polished and glistening. The strong ashwood haft runs down to the handle that is covered in rugged troll hide for a firm grip. Holy runes are burned into the length of the haft, and among them, in a fiery crimson script, are the words, "The Argent Star."