Evrali (prime)

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Race Half-Elf
Culture Imperial, Seareach
Class merchant
Profession healer/mender
Affiliation(s) Twilight Hall
Demeanor friendly but guarded, practical, kind but with a ruthless streak
Habits being social, insomniac wandering
Hobbies fishing, repairing items and people
Soft Spots animals
Likes people, fishing, spicy food
Dislikes cruelty, empty gestures, chivalry
Evrali Marchand is a half-elf born in 5081 and raised in Brisker's Cove, a city in Seareach. Her human father was a fisherman by trade. Little appears to be known about her elven mother.


Following the death of her father in 5116, she traveled out of the Turamzzyrian Empire for the first time, making her way to Wehnimer's Landing.
More recently, she has grown fond of the Freeport of Solhaven, but is known to conduct business, both healing and mercantile, in both areas.
Encounters with the renowned bard, Wihliam of Oire, in the year 5118 have reportedly left her with mentalist abilities.
Since mid-5118, Evrali has been reclusive, typically avoiding the presence of other people due to uncontrolled mentalism.


You see Evrali Marchand
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She is short and has a small-boned build. She appears to be youthful. She has wide-set dark eyes and pale skin. She has long, tousled dark brown hair. She has an oval face, a straight nose and slightly pointed ears. The delicate contours of her face smoothly blend the soft curves of brow and cheek with a defined jawline and a gently pointed chin.
She is wearing a silver figure eight chain threaded with multihued sea glass, a fitted calf-length coat of layered coffee-hued linen, a lapis and sphalerite symbol, a well-worn green leather pack, a time-softened lapis blue cotton blouse, some polished double leather, a coral-flecked blue imflass bracer, a twisted fishing net bracelet, a clouded pale seaglass band, a dark leather drawstring gem pouch, a dark leather survival kit, a sheer white silk tote tied with sea green cords, some worn dark brown cotton pants with rolled cuffs, and some flat-soled thin leather sandals.