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Gender female
Race Forest gnome
Title Granny
Service(s) Just one thing alters
Town Mist Harbor

Ezmerilla is a premium merchant who alters just one thing. When working, she is often found on the porch of Firefly Villa.


You see Granny Ezmerilla.
She appears to be a Forest Gnome.
She is diminutive.  She appears to have one foot in the grave.  She has bleary walnut-brown eyes and pale skin.  She has chin length, lank steel grey hair with random bald patches.  She has a wrinkled face and stooped shoulders.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a thick white wool coat with emerald bell buttons, a dagged grey linen skirt adorned with tiny emerald bells, a thin pale green silk blouse with silver bell buttons, a floppy yellow straw hat, a crocheted pink wool musette with a variety of colored buttons, a multi-colored loose silk robe, and a pair of dirty silk slippers with holes in the toes.