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a large time-worn wagon, [North Ring Road], Lich #266, go wagon

[The Wayback Wagon]
Panels of old stained wood line the interior of the wagon, each plank slightly warped with exposure to weather and time. Faded beads dangle from the covered ceiling, jostling with the slightest breeze or movement. A few oak crates line a wall with labels reading, "Do Not Open Until 5122."
Obvious exits: out

In the small gilt-hued case you see:

a small granite triangle Few charges of spell Blink pin-worn
a polished bronze square Several charges of spell Iron Skin pin-worn
a smooth red crystal Several charges of spell Flaming Aura pin-worn

In the large iron vault you see:

a translucent white vultite broadsword broadsword 104000
a serrated opaque vultite falchion +20 w/ Lightning Flares falchion 161000
a razor-sharp vultite dagger dagger 7700
a razor-sharp vultite dwarven warblade falchion 146000
a silver-hilted vultite falchion falchion 123000
a deep red vultite falchion falchion 123000
a heavy grey vultite falchion falchion 123000
a fel-halted grey vultite waraxe handaxe 45000
some black pyrothag hide brigandine +10, 25lbs AsG: 12 34000
a razor-sharp vultite longsword longsword 49500
some polished forest green brigandine +20, 20lbs AsG: 12 241000
a fish spine short sword short sword 18000
a shimmering silver steel katana katana 2500
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