Faerinn (prime)

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Faerinn Greatsinger
"The Last Wolf of Talador"
Race Half-elf
Culture Loenthra
Class Barrister, Artist
Profession Bard
Affiliation(s) Member of House Brigatta, Artist of Caeruil Atelier, Lawyer in Residence at the Faendryl Enclave, Former Officer of the Wehnimer's Landing Militia

Faerinn Greatsinger (Lormesta 5059 - Eoantos 5116; Lumnea 5119 - Current) is an elven rights advocate, legal counsel, soldier, fashionista, painter, songwriter, and bard active on both sides of the Dragonspine. Faerinn was the only child from the unlikely matrimony of Lord Faerinn Walser-Roedel of Talador, and Lady Veramilion Belelinde Loenthra of Ta'Loenthra. He's best known for losing the case to defend Mayor Walkar of Wehnimer's Landing from the false murder accusations leveled at him by Grishom Stone. He was presumed among the dead in the Talador incident of 5116 until resurfacing again in public life during the historic Valley of Gold signing in 5119.

He currently resides on the top of Nob Hill in the Highpark Estates with his very large dog, Altahuan, and his very anxious cat, Kitty. He practices his art while serving as a municipal barrister in Wehnimer's Landing and advocate in Ta'Illistim.

He was one of three candidates for Mayor of Wehnimer's Landing Mayoral Election 5120. Also he has been hiding former Landing fugitive Socius behind a bar in Mist Harbor, who might be the first waylayer of the Landing to actually pay for damages done.


You see Barrister Faerinn Greatsinger the Insightful. He appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Loenthra.

He is of a towering height and has a balletic body. He appears to be very young. He has curved, long-lashed sea green eyes and lightly tanned skin. He has long, curly honey blonde hair falling to his shoulders in gentle sienna-tipped waves. He has a long, angular face, a thin nose and a patch of honey blonde stubble across his jawline and cleft chin.

He has an ebon-veined gold bar set with a single shadow amethyst in the upper ridge of his left ear, and a tattoo of snarling opossum hunched over a bloody scrap of meat on his wrist.

He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silver collar chain fastened with a pair of white soulstones, a fitted fuchsia cotton coat with an ivory pocket square, a double-breasted fuchsia cotton vest buttoned in imflass over a gradiated sunset-hued silk shirt patterned with a hibiscus motif, a black bracelet, some fuchsia cotton pants secured with silver buttons, a pair of verdant selshis skin shoes stacked on jade heels, and a pair of gilt-accented electrum spurs.


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