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Faerinn Greatsinger
Race [[half-elf]]
Culture [[Loenthra, Talador]]
Profession Bard
Affiliation(s) Member of House Brigatta
Disposition Insightful, irreverent and observant
Demeanor Colorful and warm

[[Category: half-elf player characters]] [[Category: Loenthra, Talador player characters]]

Wehnimer's Landing is a very special place. Anyone who's been here and lived to tell you about it can attest to that. Special beyond the blood rains and pregnant trees that are willing to interpret your dreams for you.

It's a place that many cultures and folks from all walks of life can come together to lift up a community under constant threat by eldritch abominations. All without requiring the permission of the "higher born" or the blessing of a moon. This is the promise of the frontier. All this and it only snows half the year.

You've probably seen me around town, my face certainly stands out. The name might not stand out to you though, or what I've done. I came here from Talador as refugee fleeing the Jantalarans. I ran away from Ta'Loenthra to join the Militia and fight Jantalar. Time and time again the Landing has proven to be my home, because it’s the only place that has deigned not to legislate my existence.

The last two decades I've given the Landing my service and stood on y'all's side even when it wasn't favorable to me. Be it losing my militia commission for speaking out on handing more and more control over the town to Imperials to turning down advance after advance from Grishom Stone to defend Mayor Walkar in court.

Now, I'm stepping out from behind my desk as municipal barrister to help lead Wehnimer's Landing to build on Mayor Lylia's work so this town can thrive not just survive.

Campaign Platform


One the issues hampering Wehnimer's Landing is that much of our pool of talent and scholars have to be imported. I mean no disrespect to the guilds and the apprenticeship system, but so many children fall through the cracks there. If we had a a unified curriculum of free education for all in the Landing from the cradle to mastership, well within a few generations those scholars and masters would be homegrown.


It is a priority to restore our spent defensive structures from the Blight Crisis. For example, the defense towers that were personally destroyed by Magister Octaven. I would see an invoice for those delivered to her. Fortunately, the new Councilman seems pretty well connected to her in this regard. Also want to see the shipwrights back to work again. The program where they were being made in Shanty town was mutually beneficial and needs to resume again.

Imperial Interference

As it stands at the moment Wehnimer's Landing is a Suzerainty of the Sun Throne. The autonomy of local government is become eroded by the addition of the new councilman, but while the attempt to take the Landing's freedoms is a legal battle then who better to fight it then someone who knows frontier and the Rysus Codex cover to back?

Visual Arts

In addition to repairing the town I intend to create a commission to catalog, repair, and preserve all the public art in the Landing.


I will send a motion to the town council to free up silvers as grants and microloans for the community to help with rebuilding after the Blight, and as an opportunity to start new businesses. Combined with my initiate to expand and preserve the arts in Wehnimer's Landing we could really see ourselves as a destination as opposed to just a stopover. The temple over in the Vipershroud looks like an great opportunity to accomplish both of these goals.

Shanty Town

Many of the programs I've described here would be offered first in Shanty Town. As a community we are only as strong as our weakness neighborhoods. Its our responsibility to lift up those neighborhoods as high as we can.

Grishom Stone

He couldn't pay me off ten years ago when he framed Walkar Wellington, and he can't get me to be polite to him now as a self-styled blood god. It infuriates him. Despite what ever he says his goal is, his actual goal is to sow discord and have us all at each other's throats. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Campaign Materials

Faerinn is campaigning with a bright pink opossum-shaped button that reads, "Faerinn 5120: Painting a brighter future, together." Slogans from his signs around town include: "Faerinn 5120: Painting a brighter tomorrow, together." and "Faerinn 5120: Always on our side."

Campaign Events

Date and Time Location Event Information and Post-Event Logs

Charlatos the Second Tuesday, March 2, 9:00 PM EST

Frith's Inn Main Saloon, Dragonsclaw Road, Wehnimer's Landing Flirtations with Faerinn: Meet Lord Faerinn Greatsinger, mayoral race candidate, and get to know his goals, hopes and passion for the future of Wehnimer's Landing Log of Questions and Answers

Charlatos the Seventh Saturday, March 7, 10:00 PM EST

Silvergate Inn, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing Flirtations with Faerinn: Another opportunity to meet and get to know Lord Faerinn Greatsinger and find out his plans, dreams and vision for the Landing's future. Log of Questions and Answers

Charlatos the Eighth Sunday, March 8, 11:00 PM EST

Temple of Ivas in Vipershroud Swamp, Courtyard (Lich location: 9646) Order of the Shadow is hosting an opportunity to get to know the three candidates for this year's mayoral race at the lovely Temple of Ivas in Vipershroud Swamp. Come join us for casual conversation and comestibles at this most scenic of vistas! Log of Questions and Answers
Night of the Huntress

Charlatos the Thirteenth Friday, March 13, 9:00 PM EST

Moot Hall, Town Square East "Promote the Vote!" Meet Terabor of the Landing Defense Irregulars outside Moot Hall and learn about when/where/how/why to vote, get more information on the candidates, and enjoy refreshments!

Charlatos the Fourteenth Saturday, March 14, 8:00 PM EST

Silvergate Inn, West Ring Road, Wehnimer's Landing Silvergate Inn Hosts the Third Annual Landing Mayoral Candidate Triathlon! The winning candidate will receive 1,000,000 silvers for their campaign fund. Triathlon Mayoral Opening Statement

Charlatos the Fourteenth Saturday, March 14, KST ~Midnight EST

Moot Hall Chamber of Justice, Town Square East, Wehnimer's Landing The event will be hosted by Judge Renpaw and the three mayoral candidates will be invited to answer questions from players as they sign up on a list and watch the debate. Log of Questions and Answers

Charlatos the Fifteenth Sunday, March 15, 2:00 PM EST

Lily Manor, Event Hall, near the Landing Fundraising Auction

Elanthian Elegance is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year and marking the occasion with an auction of 15 commemorative lots. 15% of the profits will be donated to Lord Faerinn Greatsinger’s campaign to be Mayor of Wehnimer’s Landing. Opening Statement


Charlatos the Eighteenth Wednesday, March 18, 10:00 PM EST

Helga's Dining Hall, Stormarm Street, Wehnimer's Landing Flirtations with Faerinn: Meet Lord Faerinn Greatsinger, mayoral race candidate, and get to know his goals, hopes and passion for the future of Wehnimer's Landing. Log of Questions and Answers