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Available To All
Mnemonic [FEINT]
Cost 7 (3 at rank 1, 5 at rank 2)
Roundtime 3
Requirements a weapon (none for rank 5
or unarmed specialists)
Prerequisites None
Rank Square Semi Pure
1 2 3
2 3 4
3 5 7 10 
4 7 10 14 
5 10 15 20

When using feint, a character makes a motion to attack against an opponent without following through, attempting to get their opponent to account for a potential attack that never comes, typically leaving themselves open and off-balance for a subsequent attack. Feint effectively changes the defender's stance closer to offensive, and puts them in a small amount of roundtime, should they fail the maneuver check, thus reducing their ability to defend against an attack. The maximum stance change caused by feint is 100%.

A weapon is normally required to attempt a feint, but a character that is a master in the skill can attempt to feint without a weapon. There is also no weapon requirement for characters that have trained to be unarmed specialists.

The impact of feint cman ranks on feint rolls is an open question, but it is known that going from rank 3 to rank 4 resulted in a 10 higher bonus to a feint roll.

Attempting to feint a target that is already under the effects of a previous feint will automatically fail.

Roundtime for feint is determined by: [Margin of Success]/6, min of 3 second, max of 8 seconds.

Warriors have access to feint through the Warrior Guild skill, Warrior Tricks. It is obtained at rank 10 and increased training in Warrior Tricks increases the effectiveness of feint when using the guild version. Like all combat maneuvers available through the profession guilds, training in both the guild and CML version provides no benefit.