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Gender male
Profession Metalsmith
Title Master Metalsmith
Service(s) WPS
Specialty Voln armor
Venue Wandering
Caligos Isle
Town Mist Harbor
Status active

Feliathes is a metalsmith and hows the Ebon Gate shop, Favored Few. He is also a WPS smithy who frequents Mist Harbor, and he adds spikes to combat gear.


You see Master Metalsmith Feliathes.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Illistim.
He is tall.  He appears to be extremely young.  He has almond-shaped absinthe green eyes and fair skin.  He has waist-length, perfectly straight niveous hair worn in a single elaborate braid down his back.  He has an angular face, a narrow nose and an old burn scar across his left cheek.
He is in good shape.
He is holding some sturdy white scalemail adorned with bright steel rivets in his right hand.
He is wearing a small vaalorn pin fashioned in the shape of an anvil, a crushed velvet emerald green cotehardie with finely-cut amber clasps, a braided cerulean silk belt interwoven with chips of obsidian and ivory, a silk-lined ebony belt pouch, some ebony silk hosen interwoven with a delicate pattern of viridian forest leaves, and some supple leather hip-boots with variegated umber and viridian laces.