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The tenth of the dynastic line of Argent Mirrors, and the last purely legitimate descendant of Linsandrych, Filostya was the second daughter of Ainlinnima Illistim. Filostya is famous for having died under mysterious circumstances only a single year into her rule. She had no children or living siblings, which caused terrible confusion for House Illistim. The royal advisors who would eventually evolve into the Council of Thrones gave themselves the power to raise a cousin by incest to the throne.

While the untimely death of the last legitimate ruler would be scandalous in itself, the controversy runs more deeply in that the Council of Thrones refuses to allow magical inquiries into the cause of her death. Foul play of the same kind would later throw them into a suspicious light in the death of the Argent Mirror Elmelan. Filostya herself rose to the throne due to the death of her sister Venteliel.

Filostya Illistim was born in -31,095 Modern Era (18,012 Illistim). She assumed the Peacock Throne in -29,998 Modern Era (19,109 Illistim) at the age of 1,097 until her untimely death in -29,997 Modern Era (19,110 Illistim). Her successor was Analadhia Illistim, a descendant of the illegitimate son of Celemerun. Filostya died at the age of 1,098 after ruling for 1 year.

Argent Mirror of the House of Illistim
Preceded by: -29,998 Modern Era to -29,997 Modern Era
(19,109 to 19,110 Illistim)
Succeeded by:
Venteliel Illistim (sister) Analadhia Illistim (distant cousin)

Illistim Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
Ainlinnima Illistim (mother)
Venteliel Illistim (sister)

Behind The Scenes

Museum Portrait

[Museum Alerreth, Portraiture]
The art hanging from the copper-veined marble walls is largely portraiture. Each piece is suspended on its own section of white space, leaving even the smallest with a clean border of surround. The greenish color of the patinated arch that leads in and out of the chamber is echoed in a single square tile set into the center of the wooden floor.
Obvious exits: none

>look miniature
The small portrait is watercolor on vellum, enclosed in a circular bronze frame. The subject is female and presented fully facing front. Her hair is bound with a silver circlet and covered with a veil, but a few strands painted around her forehead show her to be a vibrant redhead. The style of the painting is simple, with the figure set against a bright blue background. A plaque, which is small, but still larger than the piece itself, is affixed to the wall.

>read miniature
In the Common language, it reads:
Showing the Argent Mirror Filostya, this may be the only portrait made during her single year as monarch. Filostya, the daughter of a previous Argent Mirror, Ainlinnima, died under mysterious circumstances only a year into her reign. Her death, and the subsequent confusion of who would rule, led in part to the formation of the Council of Thrones.

>look lens
A ground glass lens is framed with a band of copper, and affixed to the wall with a retractable copper arm mechanism.