Firestorm (1715)

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Firestorm (1715)
Mnemonic [FIRESTORM]
Duration Variable
Attack Magic - Damage  
Subtype Cloud 
Target(s) Ungrouped 
Interval Damage over time 
Damage Type Hitpoint 
Critical Type Fire 
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast (1700) Attack
Arcane Decoy (1701) Defensive
Unannounced (1702)
Unannounced (1703)
Stun Cloud (1704) Attack
Martial Prowess (1705) Defensive
Flaming Aura (1706) Attack
Minor Steam (1707) Attack
Mystic Impedance (1708) Attack
Minor Cold (1709) Attack
Major Acid (1710) Attack
Mystic Focus (1711) Offensive
Spirit Guard (1712) Defensive
Death Cloud (1713) Attack
Quake (1714) Attack
Firestorm (1715) Attack
Neutralize Curse (1716) Utility
Unannounced (1717)
V'tull's Fury (1718) Attack
Unannounced (1719)
Arcane Barrier (1720) Defensive
Unannounced (1725)
Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750) Utility

Firestorm causes a rain of fire to fall in the area for the duration of the spell. Each combatant in the room who is not grouped with the caster must make a roll to avoid being struck by one of the fire balls.

Cloud spells will dissipate if their caster is not in the same room. Spells such as Spirit Dispel (119), Elemental Dispel (417), Mental Dispel (1218), Breeze (612), Hand of Tonis (505) and Call Wind (912) will cause it to instantly disperse. Killing the caster is also an effective means to rid a room of a cloud.

This spell can commonly be found in a handful of fine firestone dust available through the treasure system.

This spell is native to the Wizard Base spell circle.