Flaming Aura (1706)

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Flaming Aura (1706)
Duration 180 seconds
Attack Magic - Damage  
Subtype Buff 
Target(s) Ungrouped 
Damage Type Hitpoint 
Critical Type Fire 
Arcane Spells
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V'tull's Fury (1718) Attack
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Arcane Barrier (1720) Defensive
Unannounced (1725)
Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750) Utility

Flaming Aura will generate an aura of flames which surrounds the caster and periodically lashes out at random creature targets. When used by creatures it will only attack player character targets. The spell fires every 10 seconds for 3 minutes. The random target has an SMR roll to determine whether or not they are damaged. On a failed roll, they will take a standard flare of heat damage. This spell has been reclassified as a buff rather than as a war spell, so it can be dispelled. The spell can also be cast in sanctuaries, but it will only deal damage if you are in a non-sanctuary room where magic is allowed.

This spell will show up under SPELL ACTIVE and become dormant while in town if the justice system is active.

This spell can commonly be found in granite triangles available through the treasure system. It is also available via scrolls found in the treasure system.

This spell can hit hidden players, who will be knocked out of hiding if they are hit.



Thin wisps of blue flame suddenly surround your body!
The licks of blue flame surrounding you flare up one last time before vanishing with a staticky crackle.


The flaming aura surrounding a smouldering skeletal dreadsteed lashes out at you!
[SMR result: 103 (Open d100: 97)]
 ... 25 points of damage!
 Flames incinerate left leg to the bone.  Not a pleasant sight.
 You are knocked to the ground!
 You are stunned for 5 rounds!

Staying hidden after dodging a flare

The flaming aura surrounding a smouldering skeletal dreadsteed lashes out wildly, but you manage to dodge it while remaining hidden!
[SMR result: 31 (Open d100: 38)]
A smouldering skeletal dreadsteed tosses its head and lifts its bony snout as if to sniff the air.
A smouldering skeletal dreadsteed rears back and kicks wildly as it reveals you in your hiding place!