Fragile Service

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Fragile Service is a specialty shop in Nielira Harbor. It sells cups, bowls, plates, and jars that can be customized.

[Fragile Service]
Alternating slats of ebony and haon frame the ceiling-high windows of the shop, the corners framed by rope-bound terracotta pots spilling verdant foliage across the limestone walls. Twin marble pillars are overlaid by a sheet of naefira-carved glass, creating an elongated counter beside a tall faenor display showcasing several samples of wares. A tiered chandelier of stained glass hangs above the shop, casting rays of polychromatic color across the woven wool rugs dispersed across the floor.


Welcome to Fragile Service!

Proprietess Omylia Ilinelis offers her Catalog to browse.
Omylia Ilinelis exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a crystal glass    8. a crystal plate
  2. a glass snifter    9. a glass plate
  3. a crystal flute    10. a stone plate
  4. a glass flute      11. a crystal jar
  5. a crystal teacup   12. a glass jar
  6. a glass teacup     13. an enamel jar
  7. an enamel teacup   14. a stone jar

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.
Ornamentation options for all items are as follows:

  1. cameo-carved          8. ivy-etched            15. talon-scored
  2. crescent-set          9. leaf-incised          16. thistle-inset
  3. fan-carved            10. monogrammed          17. thorn-framed
  4. flora-incised         11. octagon-cut          18. vine-etched
  5. grape-etched          12. rose-etched          19. wood-bottomed
  6. haon-braced           13. rose-incised         20. wren-engraved
  7. hexagon-cut           14. scallop-edged       

Color palette options for all items are as follows:

  1. bronze                8. ivory                 15. saffron
  2. celadon               9. jade                  16. silver
  3. copper                10. lapis                17. smoky
  4. ebony                 11. lilac                18. teal
  5. emerald               12. mauve                19. topaz
  6. garnet                13. merlot               20. vert
  7. gilded                14. onyx