Fyria's Fireplaces

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Fyria's Fireplaces is the Premium Home Fireplace shop in River's Rest. It is located south of Abalonia's Oceanic Artwork in the River's Rest Furniture Consortium.

[Fyria's Fireplaces]
Fireplaces, braziers and firepits are scattered haphazardly about this small room. You also see a small bucket of coals, a basket of firewood and the merchant Fyria.


      Price  Item
1.)  300000  a black-veined white marble fireplace
2.)   55000  a small blackened iron stove
3.)  300000  a large shell-encrusted fireplace
4.)   55000  a small brushed bronze stove
5.)   15000  a small blackened firepit
6.)   35000  a small bronze brazier
7.)  300000  an opalescent abalone marble fireplace
8.)   15000  a small bronze firepit
9.)   35000  a small cast-iron brazier
10.)  55000  a small white ceramic stove