Galena's Lockworks

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Galena's Lockworks is the locksmith shop in River's Rest. It is operated by the widow, Galena. It is located southeast from Diamante's Gemshop, next door to the Moomph's Picklesmithy. Galena is always glad to disarm traps and pick locks for a price. She also sells lockpicks, in addition to her other services.

[Galena's Lockworks]
A wooden counter divides this small workshop. Two tall, glazed windows allow the room to be filled with a soft, diffused light. An impressive array of antique locks and keys can be seen in a display case. Behind the counter, leaning against a tall oak filing cabinet, is the smiling but watchful owner, the widow Galena. A sign hangs above the counter. You also see an old pickle barrel and the Locksmith Galena.


  1. a wood-handled copper lockpick          7. a fine-toothed white alum lockpick
  2. a conch-inlaid watered steel lockpick   8. a pearl-handled rolaren lockpick
  3. a gleaming gold lockpick                9. a silk-wrapped veniom lockpick
  4. an abalone-set ora lockpick             10. a scallop-edged invar lockpick
  5. a twisted silvery mithril lockpick      11. a simple brown leather case
  6. a sturdy glaes lockpick                 12. a set of professional calipers