Gardenia's Gourmet

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Gardenia's Gourmet is a food shop in Mist Harbor. It provides basic groceries to the public and is located at the corner of Gardenia and Daisy Avenue, in a white-striped red stucco building.

[Gardenia's Gourmet]
Slate blue drapes frame the windows, blocking the glare of the sunlight that tries to spill into the tiny shop. Pastries and treats fill the various glass-fronted cabinets that wrap the shop, while baskets filled with fresh breads, fruits, and vegetables are arranged upon the polished tile floor.


Item Description Price
a polished bright green apple
   Just a hint of tartness makes the sweetness even more welcome and delicious.
   The full, ripe fruit is bursting with sweet juice.

a cluster of plump red grapes
   The sturdy, bitter skin of the grapes gives way to tender delicious fruit beneath.
   Deep red juices flow from the luscious grapes.

a plump dark purple plum
   The flesh is soft and yielding without being unpleasantly squishy, and sweet juice flows over your tongue.
   Pleasantly cool and refreshing, with just enough sweetness to suit its distinct flavor.

a narrow parsley-tipped carrot
   The carrot is firm and crisp, and the simple taste is light and refreshing.
   Cool and simple, the crisp raw carrot is a refreshing and healthy treat.

a stalk of light green celery
   Bland, yet crisp, the celery tastes largely like everything else.
   Mildly juicy, the celery is crisp and fresh.

an oddly shaped green pepper
   The meaty flesh of the pepper has a crisp outer skin and a firm texture.
   Each bite results in a satisfying snap as your teeth crunch into the refreshingly moist pepper.

an olive and cucumber sandwich
   The sharp taste of black olives adds a unique complement to the fresh cucumbers.
   Crunchy slices of chilled cucumber give this sandwich a delightful crunch.

a large mushroom sandwich
   The spicy, firm sandwich fills your mouth with its excellent flavor.
   The flavors of mushroom, zucchini, and tomato, all lightly blackened and elegantly spiced, roll over your tongue.

a cheese and rolton sandwich
   Packed with bitter Mestanir cheese, the rolton sandwich has bits of rolton and mushroom mixed into it.
   Wrapped in a thin, yet dense, pastry, the rolton sandwich has tiny garlic cloves that complement the cheese, rolton, and mushrooms baked within.

a half-loaf of rich wheat bread
   With a rich scent of wheat, it carries an almost sweet flavor.
   The slightly grainy interior has a subtle buttery flavor.

a wedge of honeyed oat bread
   Rich and earthy, the honeyed oat bread has a hint of butter mixed with it.
   Grains of whole oat mingle with the soft baked dough and are complemented with a hint of honey

a gooey peanut butter brownie
   The chocolatey fudge melts in your mouth, blending with the tasty peanut butter middle for a scrumptious treat.
   As you bite through the luscious fudge coating, your taste buds are drenched in the decadent flavor of the chewy peanut butter brownie.

a fudge-filled layered wafer treat
   You savor the combined sweetness of fudge, vanilla, and honey in this delectable cookie.
   Each bite treats your taste buds to the layered textures of soft chocolate fudge on the outside and crisp honey crackers embracing a gooey vanilla filling.

a sticky apple struessel
   A rich, sweet, sticky flavor accented with just a hint of apple fills your mouth.
   Tiny pieces of apple scattered through the dough provide a nice complement to the heavy caramel flavor.