Garish gold-buckled leathers

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Some garish gold-buckled leathers was sold at the Ebon Gate 2009 auction.


  • 6x double leather
  • + 8 Influence bonus
  • +10 Mental Lore, Manipulation bonus
  • + 5 Trading bonus
  • Lightened


Exposed golden stitches bind together a plethora of boiled leather pieces to create a suit of armor that is garish and accented with crimson straps joined by gold buckles. Each strip of leather is different in size and hue from its neighbor, while the straps and buckles are elegantly designed with images of jesters, tumblers, or mummers moving through crowds. A labyrinthine weave of various lute strings winds around the sturdy vambraces and shin guards in a chaotic pattern of blended colors. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.


Crimson lights swirl across your vision as you sing to the leathers in your hand. Slowly, your vision clears to display a young woman standing before a mirror. She slowly turns her body to profile and pulls her white linen dress against her body, her waif-like frame leaving the barest of silhouettes in the reflective glass. With a slow, impish grin, she snatches up a dagger and begins to cut away at her long, luxurious golden locks. As they flutter in thin ribbons to the ground, the vision fades.

Golden lights dance together with crimson hues to create a dazzling display of color and light that briefly obscures your vision. As the light recedes, you find yourself gazing a young woman as she carefully wraps layer after layer of linen about her chest. Turning herself in profile, she nods and quickly buckles on some garish gold-buckled leathers transforming, herself into a young man as you watch. With a final glance over her shoulder at the shorn locks and the simple dress, the woman departs and your vision fades.

The sound of dozens of iron-clad hooves pounding upon the ground rises to meet your song, and the image of a young man wearing some garish gold-buckled leathers appears astride a brown horse. With sword raised, he fights off a variety of foes, but his soft blue eyes always seem to linger on the captain, who fights near at hand and wears a bright crimson plume in his golden helm. Countless battles play before your eyes, the youth always near the captain, each always managing to keep the other safe. Slowly, the vision dims.

The sound of men laughing fills the air, and you see a tent, its interior filled with the smoky haze of a campfire. You notice some garish gold-buckled leathers cast upon the ground, a rent in its side and blood speckling its surface. A man carrying a golden helm fitted with a bright crimson plume rushes into the tent and suddenly stops short as he gazes at the scantily clad form of the young woman that stands over the leathers. Blushing, she begins to faint from blood loss and falls into the captain's arms. Slowly, the image fades.