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Gearheads is a shop in the Burghal Gnome Enclave, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells general goods, and specializes in gnomish-themed accessories and tools. It is located southeast of the Great Dome.

[Gearheads, Parts]
Very little of the shop is actually given away, spatially, to commerce -- a small counter and a sign on one stone wall are about it. Occupying most of the space is an immense furnace, which is connected to a set of pipes and an innumerable number of gears, cogs, wheels, and panels. Sitting next to the contraption is a partially disassembled cog golem.
Obvious exits: northwest


  1. a matte brown leather flight cap   5. some dented brass schynbalds
  2. a pair of oversized goggles        6. a chipped mahogany toolbox (15 pounds/140 pounds)
  3. a pair of canvas suspenders        7. a handful of assorted gears
  4. a pair of epaulettes               8. an oiled steel spanner