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A gem cutter is a device that will cut a gem into a new design following a player-chosen pattern. Specifically, the prefix of the gem will be changed to a <pattern>-<descriptor> <gem> (where <descriptor> can be "-shaped," "-etched," etc.). These items are sold from merchant shops or festivals, sometimes with unique patterns. Players can PUT a gem and pattern in the device, LOOK inside to see the current settings, and TURN the device to cut the gem.

Lapidary boxes were released at Ebon Gate 2017 that do essentially the same thing, and are not restricted for getting customized.


You analyze your <gemcutter> sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This item may be altered under the following conditions: the gemcutter's form must be something humanoid with a back, a head, and an appendage that can hold something, like a hand, a claw, or paw.  It must be made of metal.

The gemcutter can have both a long and a show.

Only certain patterns made specifically for gemcutters can be used with this item.

Try as you might, you cannot get a good sense of whether or not the <gemcutter>'s pockets could get any deeper, but you can tell that the <gemcutter> is as light as it can get


>look in <gemcutter>
The <gemcutter> is holding no gem, and there is a <pattern> set in the slot in its back.

>put <gem> in my <gemcutter>
You carefully place the <gem> into your <gemcutter>.

>turn <gemcutter>
You wind up your <gemcutter> several times and let it go.  The <gemcutter> winds up and begins chiseling away at the gem.  Working furiously, steam shoots out of its head, creating a thick cloud.  After a moment, the cloud clears and the <gemcutter> brushes away the dust to reveal a perfectly cut jewel.
Note:  30 seconds of Roundtime to use!


Players can use cut gems in the following systems/items:

Stacking descriptions with uncut gems

Lapidary boxes usually modify the article (first 15) of the gem they cut, but with "uncut" gems they will modify the adjective (middle 15) instead. Gem cutters always modify the article (first 15), but will remove "uncut" if it is present.

With uncut gems, you can combine two lapidary box patterns -- or a lapidary box pattern and a gem cutter pattern -- to put two descriptions on a single gem. To do this:

  1. Use a lapidary box set to the correct pattern for the adjective (middle 15) first. This must be a lapidary box; it cannot be a gem cutter.
  2. Put the resulting gem in a lapidary box or gem cutter with the correct pattern for the article (first 15).

For example, using a lapidary box set to "iridescent" on "an,uncut,diamond" yields "an,iridescent,diamond". Using a gem cutter with a star-shaped pattern on the resulting gem yields a "a star-shaped,iridescent,diamond"