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The Chrism gem is the Fourth Tier of the Holy Receptacle (325) spell, and allows a cleric to help an individual find greater peace, whether to aid them in recuperation following death (removing some amount of Death's Sting based on the strength of the chrism gem and speeding the return of health, mana, and spirit) or for a troubled soul in general (allows a character of any profession to meditate as a cleric, empath, or savant). Highly sought after in invasions, chrism gems are often considered to represent the pinnacle of a cleric's lore training.


To create a chrism gem, a cleric must have:

Chrism gems can only be used by clerics, but may be used by any cleric of at least level 18 with knowledge of the Raise Dead (318) spell once created. F2P characters must have an active Resurrection Pass to use them successfully on corpses.

Lore Benefits

Benefits to chrisms are derived off of ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings:

Spiritual Lore, Blessings ranks 11 13 16 20 25 31 38 46 55 65
Experience retained 55% 60% 65% 70% 75% 80% 85% 90% 95% 100%
Gem appearance half full more than half full more than half full more than half full three quarters full three quarters full almost full almost full almost full full

Due to skill training level limitations, the earliest a cleric can create a 100% experience chrism would be level 51 without enhancive items, as the lore training requirements would be 105 ranks total (15 Summoning + 25 Religion + 65 Blessing).


First you must prep and cast Holy Receptacle (325) at the gem, then:

Syntax - bless deity common 4
>bless deity common 4
You chant a quick prayer and the golden moonstone's outer shell becomes translucent and brittle.  A  cobalt liquid fills the once solid interior of the golden moonstone.

A critical failure is possible, resulting in the destruction of the gem.

>bless deity common 4
You chant a quick prayer and the diamond becomes entirely too brittle in your hand, cracks, and blows away in the form of a fine powder.

After the Chrism gem has been prepared, LOOKing at it will reveal the strength of the chrism gem.

Syntax - look (gem)
>look moonstone
The now translucent outer shell of the full golden moonstone allows you to see the ordinary, cobalt liquid undulating.

"Full" denotes a 100% experience chrism (see Lore Benefits above), and "ordinary" denotes a chrism of the second tier of strength (see below) with regards to recovery time after death.


Depending upon value of the gem used, chrism gems have different effects on minimizing the effects of Death's Sting. These levels determine how much statistic recovery weakness will be mitigated when used on a corpse. There is no cap on the value of the gem used. LOOK at the chrism to see its strength, noted by the words "dull", "ordinary", "bright", "vibrant", or "glowing".

Strength Death's Sting
Initial Stat Loss
Death's Sting
Recuperation Time
With Deeds
Death's Sting
Recuperation Time
Without Deeds
Gem Value
No Chrism 40% 10 mins 20 mins N/A
Dull 27-30% 7-8 mins 14-15 mins 3,000-4,999
Ordinary 21-26% 6-7 mins 11-13 mins 5,000-7,999
Bright 11-20% 3-5 mins 6-10 mins 8,000-12,999
Vibrant 10% or less 3 mins or less 5 mins or less 13,000+
Glowing estimated 0-5% 0-2 mins 0-3 mins ??

Note: Stats recover at 4% (of total) per minute with a deed or 2% per minute if resurrected without a deed.
Note 2: Chrisms of the same "strength" can have different results based on the value of the gem (i.e. a dull chrism worth 3001 silvers causes 30% stat loss and a dull chrism worth 4999 silvers causes 27% stat loss.)
Note 3: Recovery times for vibrant and glowing are being investigated and may need to be updated. A vibrant chrism worth just over 13k caused an initial stat loss of 10%. Higher value vibrant and glowing gem data is missing from the above info.


Applying a chrism gem is a simple process. If attempting to aid a corpse, simply WAVE the gem over them before casting Raise Dead. When using the gem upon a living character to aid them to a meditative state, one also WAVEs the gem, but with no need to cast any spell.

Syntax - wave (gem) at (target)
>wave sunstone at XXX
You gingerly crack and wave the red sunstone over XXX's body and a mixture of oil and balsam trickles out of the sunstone, coating XXX with a cobalt blue liquid.
The red sunstone deteriorates into a cobalt powder that disperses into the wind.

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